Away and Target Earth

We Talk Music Interview: Away in Space and Grind

We Talk Music relaunches with a great interview with Michel “Away” Langevin. The drummer and founding member for the legendary Canadian thrash metal/prog rock band Voivod talks their current Through Space and Grind tour with Napalm Death. Also, his affection for their fans and the cult like following the band has, the surreal life experiences he’s had, his […]
Roman Cena

We Talk Wrestling January 29, 2015: Now With One Million Listeners

(Explicit Language) Addie and Mo return to talk the Royal RAWmble, the WWE Network hitting One Million subscribers, and Arnold Schwarzenegger going into the WWE Hall of Fame. All this plus some twitter questions and a look at the top 50 Maneuvers of all time. Subscribe on iTunes to We Talk Wrestling HERE. Check out […]
Own your copy of Marvelous Mythologies today

WTC Special: Todd Frye Author of Marvelous Mythologies

A big week for We Talk Podcasts kicks off with some great comic book talk. Todd Frye has written a book called Marvelous Mythologies analyzing the books, stories, and characters of the Marvel Universe. It includes some of the special behind the scene events that took place during key developmental years of the Marvel Universe […]

We Talk Wrestling January 25, 2015: The Royal Rumble 2015 Recap Show

  (Explicit Language) Addie and Mo and their special guest Jeffy are back immediately after the WWE Royal Rumble to talk all the news and fallout from the start of the Road to Wrestlemania. They talk Rock, Brock, Cena, Rollins, Bryan, Roman, and so much more. nbsp; Subscribe on iTunes to We Talk Wrestling HERE. Check […]
The Summit went something like this...

We Talk Comics Creator Summit 3: Sticking Together

The 3rd WTC Super Summit gathering of the finest comic book minds we could gather is the best and biggest yet. With 15 people representing major publishers and independent creators they discuss the most relevant issues of the day. A great listen for those in the comic book industry, wanting to get in, or just interested […]

We Talk Comics 122: 3rd Annual Secret Santa Story Exchange

or “Actually, It’s About Santa in Comics’ Journalism” It’s the annual Secret Santa episode of We Talk Comics and it’s an all-star cast of comic book pundits, reviewers, and journalists. Keith, Brett and Chris from We Talk are joined by Matt Santori-Griffith (co-owner of, Chris Doucher (owner of, Stephanie Cooke (host of Talking Comics), […]
Was NXT R-Evolution better than WWE TLC

We Talk Wrestling December 14, 2014: The WWE TLC Recap Show

(Explicit Language) Addie and Mo are back after some computer problems caused by Addie’s stupid, stupid computer. On this episode the guys talk NXT R Evolution, CM Punk, ROH Final Battle, and all while watching the WWE TLC Pay Per Network. All this plus they remember Jimmy Del Ray and a lot more.       Subscribe […]
The best part of dinner? Beer and comics of course!

BOtP 6 : Dinner At The Holiday Inn Part 2

(Warning – Explicit Language) We’re back again with the 2nd part of our “Dinner” Beers On The Patio with the creators of two great comics you should check out, Futility and Where She Walks! As a BOtP of course this is a crazy, loose episodes filled with lots of salty talk, bad jokes and comic talk as We Talk […]
Dinner at the Holiday Inn with the creators of Futility  and Where She Walks.

BOtP 6 : Dinner At The Holiday Inn Part 1

(Explicit Language… Seriously… Very Explicit Language) The very first Beers on the Patio episode was just an excuse for Keith, Chris, Brett and Mo to get together without any agenda and down a few beverages while enjoying some loose comic talk. Since then it’s evolved into it’s own crazy little thing with the boys now hanging […]