We Talk Wrestling October 16, 2014: Everyone Who’s Booking is Stupid

(Explicit Language) Addie and Mo are back to talk all of the news in wrestling including booking, Hell In A Cell, Survivor Series, and Wrestlemania. The guys also look at Daniel Bryan’s timeline for his return, Kurt Angle’s return to WWE, and much more. Also they get some breaking news on TNA’s new Television deal. […]

We Talk Comics Episode 118: Where is Chris Doucher?

(Explicit. Lost audio now recovered… Better late than never!) Keith and Chris are ready for some comic talk but the week’s guest host has been delayed. Is it a simple mix up of time? Did he have to update Skype? Or was it … murder!? Spoiler: It wasn’t murder We welcome back Chris Doucher (@comic_canuck […]
What? It's a Work?

We Talk Wrestling October 9, 2014: RAW is Dumb F**k

(Warning – Explicit) Addie and Mo return to talk The Rock on RAW and what this means for Wrestlemania 31. The guys also talk more about Dean Ambrose as well as memories of Brian Pillman. They play a game discussing the various traits of a variety of wrestling legends and answer a mailbag question about […]
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Interview Special: Gerry Conway

He co-created Firestorm, Ms Marvel, Punisher, Phil Urich and so many more characters. Oh, and he killed Gwen Stacey. But to Keith, Gerry Conway always be the co-creator of Steel: The Indestructible Man. Keith, Brett and Mo sit down for an hour with a living legend of comics, Gerry Conway. Looking back at the DC […]
4 Stars that used to be in the WWE

We Talk Wrestling October 1, 2014: Can WWE Still Make Stars?

(Explicit Content) Addie and Mo are back to look at the current world of WWE and wrestling. This week’s show is highlighted by a debate on whether WWE still knows how to make stars in this current era. They also answer questions about WWE Network programming as well as the lack of competition hurting the show. […]

WTC Special: We Talk Comics Live in Edmonton 2014

We Talk Comics is back with a vengeance with a recap of the Edmonton Comic and Entertainment Expo experience! First up is a recap of the adventures of Keith, Chis and Mo attending the panels presented and bumping into the comic book folk on the floor of the convention including interactions with Chip Zdarsky, Alexander […]
Addie, Mick and Mo

We Talk Wrestling September 27, 2014: Mick Foley and Dean In a Box

  (Warning Explicit Content) Addie and Mo are back with a special show recorded immediately following their attendance at Mick Foley’s show in Calgary. They review the show and talk about the VIP section that they were in. After that the guys look at all things current in WWE and TNA wrestling, including a look into […]
Outback Jack

We Talk Westling September 19, 2014: If Cena Wins We Riot

(Warning Explicit Content) Addie and Mo return to preview WWE’s 2014 Night of Champions…..We Talk Wrestling style. They also look at the new TNA champion, find out who WWE thinks is a better heel than Randy Savage, and are joined by their favorite guest from down under! Subscribe on iTunes to We Talk Wrestling HERE. Check […]

NXT Takeover 2 HHH Press Conference Audio Edit |

HHH held a conference call today to promote NXT Takeover 2 on the WWE Network. Not only does he talk Takeover but he also discusse Mick Foley, Devitt and Kevin Steen,  the goal of NXT, changing guys’ names, a future for NXT on RAW or Smackdown and plenty more! Subscribe on iTunes to We Talk Wrestling […]
Hogan and Inoki

We Talk Wrestling September 5, 2014: Growing Up Addie

(Warning Explicit Content) Addie and Mo are back (2nd time due to Addie’s stupid computer) to talk all the news in WWE and ROH. They talk breifly about a really bad RAW and then look at the ROH iPPV that’s coming up this weekend.  The guys talk about Brock Lesnar’s contract and a new signing by […]
Baby Huey

We Talk Wrestling August 29, 2014: Don’t Worry, Cena’s Fine

(Warning Explicit Content) Addie and Mo are back to talk all the news in professional wrestling. They look at The Monday Night Wars on the WWE Network, TNA’s possible new home, and talk the current health scare of Jake Roberts. All this plus a look at some awful lists. This show was cut short by […]
Mo Headroom

We Talk Wrestling August 22, 2014: What? It’s For Charity!

(Warning Explict Language) Addie and Mo are back to talk all the news in professional wrestling! They give their thoughts on Summerslam and the RAW that followed and talk about WWE’s upcoming plans. The excellent Shield documentary is talked about and how Wrestlemania is looking to shape up. The guys also look at TNA and discuss […]