9 Reasons the Avengers are Going to Win or Why CubReporterK is Wrong About Everything

Unlike my esteemed We Talk Comics co-host Keith I consider myself an Avengers fan. While he reads a couple of the X-Books and is more abreast of current happenings I haven’t kept up on my X-Men lore. Not surprisingly then it’s predictable what side we both take in this AvX event. Rather than tell you why I’m in support of Team Steve here’s 9 reasons that the Avengers are going to win, as well as why CubReporterK’s wrong and why he may not be so bright after all for investing so much so early.

1. My teammates – If you look to your right and Magneto is standing there or if you look to you left and there’s the White Queen, your side going to lose. Where as the biggest traitor the Avengers ever had is the Scarlet Witch, who as of yet has not declared a side.
2. Raw Power- Red, green, or blue, the Hulk is still the strongest that there is. The X-men have no one that can match the sheer raw power of the Hulk, or of Thor for that matter. Now I can suddenly hear a 1000 fanboys yell “what about Magneto!”, to which I answer “see point
3. Spider-Man – Simply put Peter Parker has always been the moral compass of the Marvel universe and I don’t see a filp-flop coming, not with Civil War still in recent memory.
4. Allies- The Avengers have back-up in The Fantastic Four, Thunderbolts, or Nick Fury. They all could become game changers and have close ties to the Avengers.
5. The Bendis style-Our co-host Brett changed sides after the 1st issue. I think it’s pretty apparent that Bendis is trying to make the Avengers look like the bad guys so he can flip the switch later. Captain America would never “box” someone without due consideration, since the man experienced more than his fair share of this kind of thing. A lot of my co-hosts points are based on Bendis & his history of manipulations
6. The Avengers Movie- The Avengers movie should hit theatres about the time AvX is hitting it’s stride and Marvel needs the Avengers comic healthy, free of complex emotional baggage, and having the mainstay Avengers intact.
7. X-men First Class 2- Marvel has about a year to get the X-Men into a recognizable form. This means a villain Magneto and team in disarray. A loss would accomplish this. Marvel has never been all that good with this kind of thing but it is still the smart thing to do.
8. Wolverine acts like a Pedophile- Rogue, Jubilee, Kitty or this new group of junior X-Men, Logan does what he needs to do in order to protect/keep children. I see a betrayal in the works for the X-Men.
9. Bendis is scheduled to depart from the Avengers- He’s going to want to leave the Avengers healthy for the next guy, as well as start new story lines for himself with the X-Men


While I agree that Hope is not the Phoenix and neither side is 100% right, Scott is still going down. The best he can hope for is some sort of costly moral victory. I doubt we’ll see him lead a team after this and if he has a relationship with his daughter I’ll be surprised, where as Cap will achieve a decisive victory with a minimum of loss.


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