Another Blog Piling On Rob Liefeld

Someone at work asked me if there was an artist in comics whose success I didn’t understand. This is the email I sent back, word for word

This horrible artist has made millions

This is artist Rob Liefeld

This is Rob Liefeld








This is his work, and this pose is impossible

Typical Female Rob Liefeld Pose











It’s the only pose for woman he can apparently do though

Avengelyne and Glory More Typical Liefeld Females











Anatomically and physically impossible

Another Typical Liefeld Female Pose











But don’t worry he can’t draw men either, part of how he made millions was ruining Captain America

THE Rob Liefeld Captain America Picture










Some people made examples to illustrate just how ridiculous this picture is

Proving How Ridiculous THE Rob Liefeld Captain America Picture Is







Chris evans lifted a lot of weights to play Captain America in the movie

Chris Evans Before and After HGH







But not enough to play a Rob Liefeld version

Chris Evans Captain America Liefeld-ized










A True Fact About Rob Liefeld


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  1. […] fact, I am far, far from the only person to have written this blog post. There are tons of people that have written about Rob, to the point where I don’t think I need to even […]

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