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We Talk Comics Ep 123: Kickstart This: Andrew Jackson in Space

The comic is called “Andrew Jackson in Space.” The pitch is that it’s US President Andrew Jackson… in space. Well there’s a little more to it than that, but you can hear it directly from writer Brian M. Visaggio in this special Kickstart This episode of We Talk Comics. Chris and Keith sit down with […]

We Talk Comics 122: 3rd Annual Secret Santa Story Exchange

or “Actually, It’s About Santa in Comics’ Journalism” It’s the annual Secret Santa episode of We Talk Comics and it’s an all-star cast of comic book pundits, reviewers, and journalists. Keith, Brett and Chris from We Talk are joined by Matt Santori-Griffith (co-owner of Comicosity.com), Chris Doucher (owner of GeekNerdNet.com), Stephanie Cooke (host of Talking Comics), […]
Two wonderful Graphic Novels. Phtobooth: A Biography and Robbie Burns: Witch Hunter

WTC Presents: Graphic Novel Spotlight

Keith sits down with Canadian graphic novelist Meags Fitzgerald to talk about the very personal debut project, Photobooth: A Biography. Having produced only a single-page comic story prior to Photobooth, what made Meags take this giant leap into the form? In the past decade. traditional photo machines have started to rapidly disappear, causing an eclectic […]

We Talk Comics Episode 118: Where is Chris Doucher?

(Explicit. Lost audio now recovered… Better late than never!) Keith and Chris are ready for some comic talk but the week’s guest host has been delayed. Is it a simple mix up of time? Did he have to update Skype? Or was it … murder!? Spoiler: It wasn’t murder We welcome back Chris Doucher (@comic_canuck […]
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Interview Special: Gerry Conway

He co-created Firestorm, Ms Marvel, Punisher, Phil Urich and so many more characters. Oh, and he killed Gwen Stacey. But to Keith, Gerry Conway always be the co-creator of Steel: The Indestructible Man. Keith, Brett and Mo sit down for an hour with a living legend of comics, Gerry Conway. Looking back at the DC […]
Ozine Day 2 020

We Talk Comics Episode 116: Out of the Iron Closet

It’s a debate-filled We Talk Comics as Keith is joined by COMICOSITY Senior Editor Matt Santori-Griffith and Comics Classroom writer Michael Hale to talk about Matt’s controversial column “I Want a Gay Iron Man.” With the up-coming character shake-ups in Avengers NOW!, Matt jokingly said on Twitter that they should have Tony Stark come out of […]

We Talk Comics Episode 114: Defining Indie

The bad teddy bear of comics, Chris Charlton owner of Assailant Comics (@Assailantcomics) joins our regular co-hosts Chris and Keith for a discussion of the state of independent comics today. In  this day and age of small print runs, digital firsts and creator owned imprints is there a need to go through the larger companies? Along […]

We Talk Comics Episode 112: Days of Movies Past

It’s a full show of fanboy film reviews as Keith and Chris look at the rumoured DC slate of films and what is up-coming in comic movies for the rest of 2014. To kick off the show is the News with Cub Reporter K as sponsored by Comicosity.com. DC shows off some lenticular covers and […]

We Talk Comics Show 110 – We Talk Two-In-One

Keith and Chris handle the We Talk Comics this week and manage to have a great 90+ minutes of comic talk without properly doing news, WeViews or even a topic! Kicking off with the News as sponsored by COMICOSITY , Keith and Chris get to the important story of the day, the launch of a new title […]

Must Read TV: Big 2 Comics = Network TV

I love Marvel & DC super-hero comics. This must be understood or nothing good can come of what I am about to say about them. I learned to read with Superman comics, have collected seriously for three decades and talk about Booster Gold far too much for anyone’s liking. Monthly super-hero comics are good. But […]