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Untweeting: Deleting Your Tweets is surprisingly hard

  September 27, 2016 I accidentally wiped two weeks of my regular tweets. Rather than be frustrated or angry about this, I found I felt nothing about those few hundred tweets vanishing in a second. I started thinking about my twitter history, what is in it, and what value it holds. I found that I […]
John Byrne and FF

WTC 158: Byrne After Reading

We Talk Comics sometimes has controversy, sometimes argument, sometimes soapboxing. Not this week. This episode, the team gets together to enjoy their shared love of a comic creator whose work helped shape super-hero comics from the Big 2 for a generation before again breaking new ground on creator owned properties. Few comic creators have had […]

WTC 149: Calgary Expo tales

Keith and Chris are just about recovered from the festival of comics, fun, and screamers that is the Calgary Comic and Entertainment Expo! Keith and Chris take a quick sidetrip to talk about the first shared movie universe – the Universal Monsters! Then it’s on to some convention stories from the Calgary Comic and Entertainment Expo. […]
Renegade Arts Entertainment Ben Rankel Frank

We Talk Comics LIVE at Calgary Expo 2016

We Talk Comics returns to the Calgary Expo! As the convention was winding down, Keith and Chris set up shop and had one last panel to close out the show. Joined by four Alberta comic creators, they had an engaging discussion for a loyal group of fans. Finn Lucullan Ben Rankel Eric Dyck Jeff Martin The […]

Calgary Expo: Terminals Panel with Ryan Ferrier & Rove

Terminal Superheroes: Talking Indie Comics with Ryan Ferrier and Rove What happens when a comics writer and tattoo artist create something together? Ryan Ferrier and Rove are here to show you just that. Ryan Ferrier and Trevor “Rove” Jameus return to their first work, Terminals, after seven years. A lot has changed for them as […]

WTC 146: Batman v Superman v Brett Booth

Who will win? The listeners! Keith, Chris, and Mo are joined by DC Comics artist Brett Booth to talk about Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. This is very much *not* a review show. The guys wanted to fanboy out a bit and talk about BvS and what the film means for the future of the DC movie […]

WTC Interview Special: The Jerry Ordway

Keith and Chris settled into this interview with Jerry Ordway so quickly we actually join it in progress and it takes a couple of minutes to announce the name of the show! Jerry Ordway has been a favorite comic creator of the We Talk team for decades. With his new Kickstarter running, it was a […]
4 norse cover

WTC Interview Special: Matthew Sturges

Keith and Brett sit down with some cold beverages and empty notepads to talk to writer Matthew Sturges about his new projects with Devil’s Due / 1First Comics. What starts as a chat about Sturges’ & John Lucas’ up-coming graphic novel The Four Norsemen of the Apocalypse transforms into an inspection of the creative impulse […]

Force Awakens Disney Infinity spoiler DEBUNKED!

A story quickly spread on December 23 that the Disney Infinity 3.0 Force Awakens game contains a spoiler about the parentage of Rey. Fear not, the secrets are safe. It is a simple trick of the ear! What many heard as “Face me, cousin!” is in fact two audio clips butted up against each other […]
lois clark

WTC Interview Special: Dan Jurgens & Lois & Clark

It’s 2015 Triangle #2 as Dan Jurgens returns to We Talk Comics to talk about the new title he’s writing, Superman: Lois & Clark! Keith and Chris have a ton of questions to ask Dan about writing Superman past and present. And they get to those questions right after they get in come good talk […]
140 honor

WTC 140: Doing A Double Take

10 #1s. All released on the same day. All connected in one universe. All free on Comixology. No, this isn’t a plan from Marvel or DC. This is the launch of the brand-new comics line from Double Take Comics. Led by former Marvel publisher Bill Jemas, Double Take has launched 10 comics in a shared […]
139 blue

WTC 139: The Winter Of Our Small Press Content

Keith, Chris, and Brett grab a pile of pdf previews from small press creators and hit the WeView road! The guys have diverse tastes so they don’t agree on every comic (or most… maybe any.. one?) but they love talking about the energy these up-and-coming creators bring to their work. From the sci-fi one-shot Find from […]