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Must Read TV: Big 2 Comics = Network TV

I love Marvel & DC super-hero comics. This must be understood or nothing good can come of what I am about to say about them. I learned to read with Superman comics, have collected seriously for three decades and talk about Booster Gold far too much for anyone’s liking. Monthly super-hero comics are good. But […]

We Talk Comics Special – Behind the Comics Pt 1: Publishing

Language warning: This episode features Joe Mulvey. In part one of our behind the scenes look at the comic industry, Keith talks to Comix Tribe publisher Tyler James and Scam writer/artist Joe Mulvey. In just over a year Comix Tribe went from mailing comics directly to retailers to have two successful Kickstarters, distribution through Diamond, […]

900 Things Week 52: End of the Line

It’s the last day of the project and I figured I should do a final wrap up, warts and all. Because I stumbled a couple of times during the project, it made it a bit of a tough road near the end. Having given into temptation once, I found it difficult to avoid abandoning the […]
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900 Things: Under the Wire September 8, 2013

Due to popular demand from both of the readers of this blog, I am back for a couple of entries before the end of the project. Why did I drop the ball on the blog? The frustration of the project more than anything. After the initial purge, it became harder to get rid of anything […]

900 Things: Halfway, but with an Expo hangover

 *Note: this is the lost entry of 900 Things that was written but not posted in May. I have not re-read it before posting so I honestly don’t remember why I didn’t put it up then. May 11, 2013 I got a significant amount of teasing for the Calgary Expo purchasing spree I went on. […]
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The Day Superman Came to Calgary

I caught the first few minutes of Superman 3 as I was flipping through the channels and remembered that most of the Metropolis scenes were filmed in my hometown of Calgary, Alberta. Armed with some screen grabs and a camera, I set out to find the one intersection where the first section of the film […]

Is that Rage I see before me…?

Quite a bit of hay has been made of the appearance of Rage in the Marvel Studios logo in the Shield teaser and that this is a hint that the character will be found in the new series. You can see it here: My hat is off to the individual who watched this frame by frame. Unfortunately no one thought […]

900 Things week 16: Four Fifty

Having rededicated myself to the 900 Things project, I spent a whole day cleaning the Booster Cave last weekend ahead of trips to Cash Convertors, a used bookstore and the Royal Canadian Legion. Anything not sold at the first two became donation at the third. I took everything down in my home office and redid […]

900 Things week 14: Reward for 25% Completion

 What is more fascinating about clearing over 300 items out is that the rest looks better and more thoughtful. Thinking a new cull happens by next weekend. There is still work to be done. It told wifey where I was at in the process and she glanced around the Booster Cave and said “where was […]

WTC Show 64 – Laff-A-Lympics

Hey yo everyone, it’s time to kick back and have some laughs as the We Talk Comics team looks at some of the best humour and light-hearted comics from today and yesterday. We kick off, as always, with The Weekly News with Cub Reporter K (sponsored by COMICOSITY). What do the guys think of revolving art […]

900 Things Week 12: Promises to Keep

… and then there was that week that I didn’t write anything. Preparation for the new job got the better of me last week. My hat is off to anyone who can keep up a blog on a week-to-week or more level. My old boss found the gift that I had hoped for but had […]

900 Things Week 10: Life is Bits of Time

Cleaned out my office today. Amazing what accumulates in five years. Five years in that office, nine at that place of work. Most of the books are work reference and, since I’m staying in Marketing and Communications, most of them will go to my new office next week. The mementos though… It’s funny, I had […]