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We Talk Wrestling February 12, 2016: Gratitude for Daniel Bryan

There’s been a lot of talk by Addie and Mo about their biy D. Bryan over the years, but the last chapter of Daniel Bryan as a wrestler happened on this past Monday’s Raw. The guys talk about what this means for both the WWE and sports in general as concussion testing becomes more and […]
on February 13, 2016
Hear how Jim Zub got this picture with the legendary Neil Gaiman.

WTC 143: Doing The Zub Step

  When Jim Zub came on the show all he said was “Nothing’s off the table guys, except talking bad about people” and honestly, we love that. A pure class act, Jim Zub entertains Brett, Chris, Keith and Mo with great stories of his time in the business. He has some incredible Comic Convention stories, […]
on February 12, 2016
Our 200th is waaaaay more epic than the Hulk's was!

WTC 142: The 200th Episode Anniversary

200 of these… Let me repeat, WE’VE DONE 200 OF THESE! WHAT WE’RE SAYING IS WE HAVE DONE 200 WE TALK COMICS PODCASTS OR RELATED SPECIALS OVER THE LAST (NEARLY) 5 YEARS!!! Whew. So how do we celebrate a couple hundred of these things? Well, we get Chris, Keith and Mo on the air with […]
on February 5, 2016

We Talk Wrestling February 5, 2016: Bret Hart and a RAW Rant

We Talk Wrestling returns with another packed show. The guys open with a couple of RAW rants and then transitions into thoughts, memories, and well wishes for Bret The Hitman Hart as he battles prostate cancer.  As mentioned on the show, Bret’s full post announcing his battle is here: “It is with great remorse that […]
on February 5, 2016
The Rock talks to Lana and Rusev

We Talk Wrestling January 31, 2016: The DJ Moustache Ride

We Talk Wrestling is back and Addie and Mo talk the major momentum built by WWE as they head towards Dallas… Not for Wrestlemania mind you, for NXT Takeover. Spoilers and expectations for the big card are given. Speaking of Wrestlemania the guys also go over why The Rock is great and what he might […]
on January 31, 2016

We Talk Wrestling January 25, 2016: Rumbling and Stomping

We Talk Wrestling is back right after the Royal Rumble. We talk all the news, matches, and what’s gonna happen at the Fastlane and the Wrestlemania. All this plus we talk about a true Stampede Wrestling legend, Archie The Stomper Gouldie. Subscribe on iTunes to We Talk Wrestling HERE. Check out We Talk Wrestling on […]
on January 26, 2016
The Legend Of Iron Mike Sharpe

WTW Jan 22, 2016: Royal Rumble & Iron Mike Sharpe

WWE has completed the build for the 2016 Royal Rumble, did they capture Addie & Mo’s interest for the show, or anyones? The ratings sure say the opposite. Plus the guys go over the Legend of “Iron” Mike Sharpe who the wrestling world lost on January 17th in his home in Hamilton at age 64. […]
on January 22, 2016
That's as good as any of the predictions WTC makes!

WTC 141: The 4th Annual Predictions Show, Nostra-damn-us!

One of the the most popular WE Talk Comics shows every year is when Brett, Keith, Chris and Mo look at their predictions from the previous year to see if anybody had a crystal ball and pull out new ones. And why is it so popular? Because the guys are nuts and it’s truly hilarious! […]
on January 20, 2016

WTC Creator Summit 4: A Growing Community – Group 03

Group 03 Consists of:   Ryan Ferrier – D4VE Christopher Peterson – Mayday Kate Larking – Crash and Burn Nick Johnson – Wolf Hands Rick Overwater – Futility When We Talk Comics decided to host the first ever Creator Summit back in 2012 no one could have ever imagined what it would grow into. 9 […]
on January 18, 2016
Group 02 is a slightly nicer community than this.

WTC Creator Summit 4: A Growing Community – Group 02

Group 02 Consists of: Ben Rankel – FRANK Finn Lucullan – Crash and Burn Nathan Millar – Where She Walks Chloe Smith – Twig Communications Aaron Navrady – The Cold Fire Riley Rossmo – Constantine: The Hellblazer When We Talk Comics decided to host the first ever Creator Summit back in 2012 no one could have ever imagined what it […]
on January 15, 2016

We Talk Wrestling January 15, 2016: Remembering Eddie, Plus other B.S.

Coming off another boring episode of Monday Night Raw Addie and Mo talk about the myth of the Royal Rumble and Wrestlemania season. They also discuss what may happen with Roman Reigns, the WWE World Heavyweight Championship and Brock Lesnar. The guys talk about the Last Man Standing match for the Intercontinental Title between Dean […]
on January 15, 2016

WTC Creator Summit 4: A Growing Community – Group 01

Group 01 Consists of: Jason Mehmel – Fight Comics Alexander Finbow – Renegade Arts Entertainment Leigh Jeffery – Fantasy Killer Jacqueline Huskisson – Ass Cats Chloe Smith – Twig Communications Erin Millar – Where She Walks Steven Charles Rosia – Muskoka When We Talk Comics decided to host the first ever Creator Summit back in 2012 no one could […]
on January 14, 2016