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The Cover to Pearl Harbor and the Day of Infamy.

WTC 172: Pearl Harbor, Gibraltar of the Pacific

Dec 7, 2016 is the 75th anniversary of the attack by Japan on Pearl Harbor and We Talk Comics is proud to be joined by military historian Jay Wertz. Jay has produced a new comic on the event titled Pearl Harbor and the Day of Infamy, and he joins Brett & Mo to discuss how the […]
on December 4, 2016
Vic is a big fan of Mazzucchelli's art, and it's easy to see why.

WTC 171: Vic’s Reading List

It must near the holiday season because We Talk Comics have the gift of Vic Malhotra for you. Vic is the fantastic artist on books like Roche Limit from Image, Joe Hill’s Thumbprint, X-Files: Year Zero and his latest book The Killer Inside Me with Jill Thompson. But Vic isn’t here to talk about his […]
on November 29, 2016

We Talk Wrestling November 27, 2016: Booking Still Matters

Addie and Mo return to talk all the news in wrestling. They guys give their thoughts on the Goldberg Brock match, NXT, ROH and a lot more. They look at wrestling’s best tag team names, and talk 5 star wrestling matches as well. All this plus a look ahead to all the upcoming major shows […]
on November 29, 2016
Comics this good, free? Who knew?

WTC 170: Free For All

Comics are expensive, but We Talk Comics has you covered as Chris, Brett and Mo has you covered going over some of their favourite free books you all can check out so give it a listen and then get to reading! Their free recommendations are below. Overwatch (Written by Robert Brooks, Art by Bengal) Priya’s […]
on November 22, 2016
The Election we all wish we could have.

WTC 169: Election Night

And you thought the horror comics from Halloween were scary… The American Presidential Election is, blissfully, almost over after only 417 years of campaigning, and on behalf of everyone in the world outside of cable news stations and Saturday Night I just want to say… Thank Grodd. With that in mind Brett, Chris and Mo […]
on November 7, 2016

WTC 168: Vengeance From The Crypt

We Talk Comics is a scary good time with our new episodes looking at some horror themed books. First off Brett, Mo, Keith and Chris look at the book that inspired the idea, from Josie and the Pussycats #72 from October 1973. It’ frightening, but not in a traditionally scary way when Josie and her […]
on October 31, 2016

We Talk Wrestling October 31, 2016: WWE Hell In A Cell

Addie and Mo return to talk all the news in wrestling. The WWE Hell In A Cell show is reviewed as they look at the highlights and lowlights of the show. The guys talk The WWe HOF, Survivor Series, and a lot more. All this plus, the scariest story of the week…TNA is still alive […]
on October 31, 2016
Brett, Mark Kendall, and Mo.

WTMusic Interview: Mark Kendall Post Concert Chat

There’s been so many people We Talk Podcasts has interacted with over the years but it’s harder to find a classier group to deal with than the iconic hard rock blues band Great White and the people associated with them. That’s why Brett and Mo were so excited when the chance to talk to guitarist […]
on October 27, 2016
The guys from Kiss visit Marvel Comics in 1977 for the first Marvel Comics Super Special.

WTC 167: The Super Special

Rarely has the guys at We Talk Comics reading a bunch of books they didn’t like been so much fun, at least for the listeners! Brett, Keith, Mo and Chris take a look back at the Marvel Super Special oversized comic book magazines from the 70’s and 80’s. Marvel Super Special #1 KISS (The band […]
on October 24, 2016
The man, Bill Goldberg.

We Talk Wrestling October 17, 2016: More Goldberg Lesnar

Holy shit, it’s We Talk Wrestling with Addie & Mo, and wotta bunch of weird stuff to talk about in the wrestling world. Paige and Alberto Del Rio. TNA, Dixie Carter and Billy Corgan. And thoughts on Goldberg on Raw moments after it happens. Likely the best audio ever recorded, WTW is on the air! […]
on October 18, 2016
Epic, nothing else describes this.

WTC 166: An Epic Episode

We Talk Comics with Brett, Keith, Mo and Chris is back talking what they determine is the most influential comic book imprint in history, Epic Comics from Marvel. It’s a great look back at why the line was so important while highlighting books like Marshal Law, Trouble, Moonshadow, Groo, Alien Legion and more. The talent […]
on October 18, 2016
Who wouldn't trust learning how to maintain a Jeep from this guy?

WTC 165: Maintain Your Jeep-Etto

We Talk Comics with Chris, Keith, Mo & Brett is back and bringing the awesome, this time joined by their old buddy Nick Johnson! Nick has a brand new anthology Graphic Novel he’s put together that’s now available on Comixology called Wishless, about what would have happened to Pinocchio if his wish to become a real […]
on October 11, 2016