AvX Op-Ed by CubReporterK: Why I’m on Team Cyclops

When we reviewed AvX #1 a few episodes back, Mo was quite surprised that I sided with Cyclops in the confrontation that began in that issue. Then I was listening to the second best comic podcast in the world, The Thwipping Boys, who couldn’t understand “why anyone would side with Scott.”Lees-Cyclops-Captain-America

Well I am on Scott’s side. Here are my top 10 reasons why:

  1. I’ve always preferred the X-Men. This isn’t a philosopical reason, but might as well just get my own fanboyishness right up front.
  2. Iron Man “He wants us to look like the bullies.” The X-Men are the underdogs. I always side with the underdogs. You open the first pages of AvX and see the character guide. 22 Avengers + Wolverine and Beast. Against 6 X-Men. Seriously, what kind of thugs are these Avengers of today that this is what they see as the way to start a dicussion of next moves.
  3. Cyclops: “She’s a mutant. This is a mutant problem. We’ll handle it.” The Phoenix Force was beaten by the X-Men. Scott’s team with Wolverine. Cap doesn’t ask for co-operation, he says they are taking Hope. Why are they being side-lined in this? Because Cap can’t control Scott. He isn’t one of Cap’s soldiers, he might even have his own ideas every once in a while.
  4. Hope is the Messiah. Whether true or not, you don’t show up to arrest someone’s holy figure unless you are damn sure you are right.
  5. … and they aren’t. This is a best guess from a group who never encountered the Phoenix Force. They could be wasting everyone’s time and alienating and possibly killing most of the people with first-hand knowledge of the Phoenix.
  6. Cyclops “Where were you for us? For the Mutants?” The damage of House of M has never been apologized for and never healed. Even when Wanda turned up at Avengers HQ she wasn’t “put into protective custody” as they are seeking to do with Hope. Wanda was sent away like she was a vacuum cleaner seller instead of the destroyer of a genetic line.Where were you for us... For the mutants
  7. Captain America “The Phoenix Force is coming to Earth and all of our experts feel it is headed toward her.” Cyclops “Your experts? You mean Wolverine.” Wolverine says Scott is too emotionally involved to be objective. Wolverine. Who was in love with Phoenix and was forced to kill her. Pot, I have a call from a Mr. Kettle for you.
  8. Avengers: World Police Cap and crew showed up to take a teenager into custody who has been accused of no crime just in case she might be dangerous. I guess Gitmo has some room, might as well start over.
  9. Cyclops: “I’ve never known Captain America to fight on the side of the fascism.” The Avengers are invading the X-Men’s home claiming to know what’s best. No one reacts well to that, least of all the 1% of a species that is trying to survive in a hostile world.
  10. I’m going to be right. Bendis et al have a big plan ahead and it isn’t “Scott is the bad guy.” It’s far too simple. If everyone is thinking Scott is insane, it’s because they want to you headed that direction. I predict a few things we will see soon enough – Scott won’t be 100% wrong, Cap won’t be 100% right, and Hope isn’t going to be the Phoenix.

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