BOtP 6 : Dinner At The Holiday Inn Part 1

Dinner at the Holiday Inn with the creators of Futility  and Where She Walks.

Dinner at the Holiday Inn with the creators of Futility and Where She Walks.

(Explicit Language… Seriously… Very Explicit Language) The very first Beers on the Patio episode was just an excuse for Keith, Chris, Brett and Mo to get together without any agenda and down a few beverages while enjoying some loose comic talk. Since then it’s evolved into it’s own crazy little thing with the boys now hanging out with their buddies and going a little crazy but having a lot of fun in a party podcast atmosphere.

On this one, always looking for something new, the guys decided hey let’s throw a little bash on the air and invite some local independent creators we don’t really know to introduce ourselves and hear their stories in a stress free environment.

So based on that they headed down to the bar at the Holiday Inn and got together with the writer of Futility, the awesome Rick Overwater. His penciller and friend Cam Hayden and the man behind the colours Nathan Millar. But we got a little more lucky, as Nathan also is the artist of a book with his sister, the extremely lovely and talented shining star that is Erin Millar who writes the wonderful Where She Walks.

Trust me folks, this is a dynamic episode you don’t want to miss, and we went so long and had so much fun we needed to break it up into 2 episodes, so be on the look out for the next part soon.

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