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The Catchphrase

Sweet Christmas: A Visual History of Luke Cage

From the moment I picked up an issue of Power Man and Iron Fist the character of Luke Cage was a favorite of mine. A simple man whose strong moral code often conflicted with his personal desires Luke couldn’t help but do good, and he was much smarter than he appeared despite a famously short […]
on March 30, 2014
Rob Liefeld Being Rob Liefeld

Another Blog Piling On Rob Liefeld

Someone at work asked me if there was an artist in comics whose success I didn’t understand. This is the email I sent back, word for word This horrible artist has made millions This is artist Rob Liefeld               This is his work, and this pose is impossible   […]
on February 17, 2014

Must Read TV: Big 2 Comics = Network TV

I love Marvel & DC super-hero comics. This must be understood or nothing good can come of what I am about to say about them. I learned to read with Superman comics, have collected seriously for three decades and talk about Booster Gold far too much for anyone’s liking. Monthly super-hero comics are good. But […]

900 Things Week 52: End of the Line

It’s the last day of the project and I figured I should do a final wrap up, warts and all. Because I stumbled a couple of times during the project, it made it a bit of a tough road near the end. Having given into temptation once, I found it difficult to avoid abandoning the […]
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900 Things: Under the Wire September 8, 2013

Due to popular demand from both of the readers of this blog, I am back for a couple of entries before the end of the project. Why did I drop the ball on the blog? The frustration of the project more than anything. After the initial purge, it became harder to get rid of anything […]

900 Things: Halfway, but with an Expo hangover

 *Note: this is the lost entry of 900 Things that was written but not posted in May. I have not re-read it before posting so I honestly don’t remember why I didn’t put it up then. May 11, 2013 I got a significant amount of teasing for the Calgary Expo purchasing spree I went on. […]
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The Day Superman Came to Calgary

I caught the first few minutes of Superman 3 as I was flipping through the channels and remembered that most of the Metropolis scenes were filmed in my hometown of Calgary, Alberta. Armed with some screen grabs and a camera, I set out to find the one intersection where the first section of the film […]

Is that Rage I see before me…?

Quite a bit of hay has been made of the appearance of Rage in the Marvel Studios logo in the Shield teaser and that this is a hint that the character will be found in the new series. You can see it here: My hat is off to the individual who watched this frame by frame. Unfortunately no one thought […]

900 Things week 16: Four Fifty

Having rededicated myself to the 900 Things project, I spent a whole day cleaning the Booster Cave last weekend ahead of trips to Cash Convertors, a used bookstore and the Royal Canadian Legion. Anything not sold at the first two became donation at the third. I took everything down in my home office and redid […]

900 Things week 14: Reward for 25% Completion

 What is more fascinating about clearing over 300 items out is that the rest looks better and more thoughtful. Thinking a new cull happens by next weekend. There is still work to be done. It told wifey where I was at in the process and she glanced around the Booster Cave and said “where was […]