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The signature show of We Talk Podcasts sit back, pour a beverage, and laugh along with your We Talk Comics Hosts Brett, Keith, Chris and Mo

Morning Glories Artist Joe Eisma.

WTC 157: Joe Eisma, The Morning After

In episode WTC 154: What’s The Story Morning Glories the guys broke down the first few trade paperbacks of the popular Image Comics series. What they didn’t expect was Morning Glories artist Supa Joe Eisma to not just hear about the show, but to actually listen to it! Joe asked to come on the show and […]
on July 27, 2016
A man who knows serial killers.

WTC 156: All Killer No Filler

Hey ho and here we go, We Talk Comics once again is on the air and in your ear and this time the show is going to go a little darker as your hosts explore serial killers in comics. Sin-Eater, Torso, Sam & Twitch, From Hell and Scourge of the Underworld are among the serial […]
on July 21, 2016
We watch an episode from each serial in this picture and discuss it on the latest We Talk Comics.

WTC 155: Why So Serials?

It’s another We Talk Comics with Brett, Keith, Chris and Mo and this episode promises to be extra fun as the guys hop in the phone booth and go back to the 1940’s to talk about 3 old movie serials that were the first comic book blockbuster films! Adventures Of Captain Marvel – Chapter 7 Human […]
on July 13, 2016
We Talk Comics checks out Morning Glories. Now that's a Crossover!

WTC 154: What’s The Story Morning Glories

WTC host Keith has long been a fan of the Nick Spencer / Joe Eisma Image Comics Shawdowline series Morning Glories, and with Brett recently starting down the rabbit hole of mysteries held down at the Morning Glories Academy he felt it was time for Chris and Mo to give the series a read and […]
on July 6, 2016
We don't no what the expiry date of this episode is, so listen to it now!

WTC 153: No Expiry Date

Another We Talk Comics with Brett, Chris, Mo and Keith hits the air, this time sub titled No Expiry Date! Why is it called that? No idea really, sometimes the guys just say something and like the way it sounds! On this episode the guys discuss if Action Man #1 lives up to legacy of […]
on July 1, 2016
The Philosophy of Grump Cat and Mo

WTC 152: The New 152

  It’s new comic day and that means a new We Talk Comics talking all the biggest books of the week…. OK maybe not, but the guys do talk 4 new comics out today, Marvel’s prostate cancer campaign and an awful lot about the underrated 80’s cult classic Slash Maraud. This week’s books are… Grumpy […]
on June 22, 2016

WTC 151: Still Going

Chris, Keith, Mo and Brett are back on as the march towards the 5th Anniversary of We Talk Comics is on. This episode the guys discuss 4 books. DARK HORSE COMICS PRESENTS #23 TRANSFORMERS #54 YOGA HOSERS: A SUNDANCE SUPER SPECIAL – WHEN COLLEEN’S COLLIDE (warning much profanity because of this book) DEADEYE: BOUND IN […]
on June 17, 2016

WTC 150: Season 2

Mo, Brett, Keith and Chris are back to the old ways with a new format once again as they launch Season 2 of We Talk Comics. WTC is going weekly talking a few (good?) books and a couple of news items or other things on the hosts minds. This week the guys discuss Lumberjanes/Gotham Academy […]
on June 9, 2016

WTC 149: Calgary Expo tales

Keith and Chris are just about recovered from the festival of comics, fun, and screamers that is the Calgary Comic and Entertainment Expo! Keith and Chris take a quick sidetrip to talk about the first shared movie universe – the Universal Monsters! Then it’s on to some convention stories from the Calgary Comic and Entertainment Expo. […]
Renegade Arts Entertainment Ben Rankel Frank

We Talk Comics LIVE at Calgary Expo 2016

We Talk Comics returns to the Calgary Expo! As the convention was winding down, Keith and Chris set up shop and had one last panel to close out the show. Joined by four Alberta comic creators, they had an engaging discussion for a loyal group of fans. Finn Lucullan Ben Rankel Eric Dyck Jeff Martin The […]

Calgary Expo: Terminals Panel with Ryan Ferrier & Rove

Terminal Superheroes: Talking Indie Comics with Ryan Ferrier and Rove What happens when a comics writer and tattoo artist create something together? Ryan Ferrier and Rove are here to show you just that. Ryan Ferrier and Trevor “Rove” Jameus return to their first work, Terminals, after seven years. A lot has changed for them as […]
Joe Mulvey's latest book Mummy's Always Right

WTC 148: Mulvey, The Mummy & Me

It’s been a long time coming but finally Joe Mulvey, The Most Dangerous Man in Comics, is back on We Talk Comics to talk his latest project from ComixTribe, Mummy’s Always Right! Joe was a regular on WTC in the early days so those of you who listened to his previous appearances won’t be surprised […]