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The signature show of We Talk Podcasts sit back, pour a beverage, and laugh along with your We Talk Comics Hosts Brett, Keith, Chris and Mo


Calgary Expo: Terminals Panel with Ryan Ferrier & Rove

Terminal Superheroes: Talking Indie Comics with Ryan Ferrier and Rove What happens when a comics writer and tattoo artist create something together? Ryan Ferrier and Rove are here to show you just that. Ryan Ferrier and Trevor “Rove” Jameus return to their first work, Terminals, after seven years. A lot has changed for them as […]
Joe Mulvey's latest book Mummy's Always Right

WTC 148: Mulvey, The Mummy & Me

It’s been a long time coming but finally Joe Mulvey, The Most Dangerous Man in Comics, is back on We Talk Comics to talk his latest project from ComixTribe, Mummy’s Always Right! Joe was a regular on WTC in the early days so those of you who listened to his previous appearances won’t be surprised […]

WTC 147: Headlocked by Michael Kingston

It’s the first ever We Talk Podcasts simulcast between We Talk Comics / We Talk Wrestling as Brett and Mo are joined by Michael Kingston who currently has a Kickstarter campaign for his comic book Headlocked: A Single Step Remastered. This project has names such as Samoa Joe, The Young Bucks, MVP and the Legendary […]
on April 26, 2016
Robert Klein In King Kirby

WTC Special: Jason Mehmel on King Kirby

A quick treat for all you listeners as our friend Chris Doucher of GeekNerdNet grabbed an interview with Jason Mehmel. Jason is currently directing the play King Kirby for Sage Theatre in Calgary. The play was written by Crystal Skillman and Fred Van Lente about the life of the most influential comic book artist in […]
on April 17, 2016

WTC 146: Batman v Superman v Brett Booth

Who will win? The listeners! Keith, Chris, and Mo are joined by DC Comics artist Brett Booth to talk about Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. This is very much *not* a review show. The guys wanted to fanboy out a bit and talk about BvS and what the film means for the future of the DC movie […]

WTC 145: Kickstarting The Panel One Movement

Panel One is a completely unique entity in the world of comics. It’s about comic creators, no matter their background or experience, coming together to help one another be better at making comics and spread the word about this amazing medium of entertainment. Panel One itself has been around for just over 1 year, and […]
on March 26, 2016
Four Seconds0045A

WTC 144: Paul O’Connor For More Than 4 Seconds!

It’s a great day at We Talk Comics anytime we get a chance to catch up with our friend Paul O’Connor aka The Longbox Graveyard, but when Paul has 4 Seconds, the first comic book he’s written in many years, to promote it becomes one of the best days ever! Paul gives Chris, Keith and Mo […]
on February 24, 2016
Hear how Jim Zub got this picture with the legendary Neil Gaiman.

WTC 143: Doing The Zub Step

  When Jim Zub came on the show all he said was “Nothing’s off the table guys, except talking bad about people” and honestly, we love that. A pure class act, Jim Zub entertains Brett, Chris, Keith and Mo with great stories of his time in the business. He has some incredible Comic Convention stories, […]
on February 12, 2016

WTC Interview Special: The Jerry Ordway

Keith and Chris settled into this interview with Jerry Ordway so quickly we actually join it in progress and it takes a couple of minutes to announce the name of the show! Jerry Ordway has been a favorite comic creator of the We Talk team for decades. With his new Kickstarter running, it was a […]
Our 200th is waaaaay more epic than the Hulk's was!

WTC 142: The 200th Episode Anniversary

200 of these… Let me repeat, WE’VE DONE 200 OF THESE! WHAT WE’RE SAYING IS WE HAVE DONE 200 WE TALK COMICS PODCASTS OR RELATED SPECIALS OVER THE LAST (NEARLY) 5 YEARS!!! Whew. So how do we celebrate a couple hundred of these things? Well, we get Chris, Keith and Mo on the air with […]
on February 5, 2016
4 norse cover

WTC Interview Special: Matthew Sturges

Keith and Brett sit down with some cold beverages and empty notepads to talk to writer Matthew Sturges about his new projects with Devil’s Due / 1First Comics. What starts as a chat about Sturges’ & John Lucas’ up-coming graphic novel The Four Norsemen of the Apocalypse transforms into an inspection of the creative impulse […]
That's as good as any of the predictions WTC makes!

WTC 141: The 4th Annual Predictions Show, Nostra-damn-us!

One of the the most popular WE Talk Comics shows every year is when Brett, Keith, Chris and Mo look at their predictions from the previous year to see if anybody had a crystal ball and pull out new ones. And why is it so popular? Because the guys are nuts and it’s truly hilarious! […]
on January 20, 2016