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The signature show of We Talk Podcasts sit back, pour a beverage, and laugh along with your We Talk Comics Hosts Brett, Keith, Chris and Mo

Dave Swartz of Atlas: Origins interviews Cam Hayden of Futility.

WTC Presents: Dave Swartz and Cam Hayden

As part of the Panel One Kickstarter that was held We Talk Comics offered the chance for a listener to come on the air and interview a Panel One member. For those of you not familiar with P1, it’s a community of comic book creators looking to help each other by fostering creativity and awareness, […]
on September 27, 2016
It's the iconic phrase of Chuck Dixon.

WTC 163: Chuck Dixon, Get Some

If there’s any argument to be had that We Talk Comics provides the best audio anywhere about comic books and everything related to it we’re going to put that to rest with this episode featuring the unstoppable Chuck Dixon. In an equally informative and hilarious interview Chuck Dixon opens up no holds barred on way […]
on September 23, 2016
2 of YYC's finest, Damian Willcox and Sam Hester.

WTC Special: Damian Willcox & Sam Hester on YYC Comics

In support of the Panel One Kickstarter for an independent comic show We Talk Comics donated the chance to have some air time, and the wonderfully talented sequential artist and graphic recorder Sam Hester took us up on it to talk what’s going on in the YYC. Sam’s guest on the episode is Damian Wllcox […]
on September 16, 2016
The WTC hosts sincerely apologise for this show.

WTC 162: What’s Up Pitches?

Well, it had to happen. We Talk Comics has been on an undeniable role, but when you’re getting 4 guys together to do a podcast you occasionally go off the rails, and this episode does just that. With the topic of pitching TV shows based on comic books the man who gave us the episode […]
on September 8, 2016
Arnold Schwarzenegger would have made an interesting Sgt. Rock in this script.

WTC Special: Whose Script is it Anyway CCEE 2016

Ah what could have been… One of the most popular We Talk Comics gimmicks makes it’s return with a new episode of Scriptments, this one recorded in front of a huge crowd live at the Calgary Comic and Entertainment Expo 2016. The concept is simple, we perform the parts from unmade Hollywood films that have […]
on August 31, 2016
JLA #100 Cropped

WTC 161: WTC Shows Its Age

The 4 hosts of We Talk Comics are old, so we figured why not read some comics as old as they are, exactly as old actually. Keith gave Brett, Chris and Mo this week’s topic, which was to read and review a comic published in their birth month and reveal it on the show. This […]
on August 25, 2016
Wisdom from J.M. DeMatteis.

WTC 160: The Pilgrimage Of J.M. DeMatteis

We Talk Comics officially celebrates it’s 5 year anniversary today, August 17, 2016. For such an occasion we are so happy to celebrate it with you on a show very special to hosts Brett, Chris, Keith and Mo. J.M. DeMatteis is a writer who’s work has mesmerized and touched the hearts and souls of comic […]
on August 17, 2016
Is there a more iconic OST than John Williams Superman theme?


Music, music. I hear music. Music over my head… Okay, so the latest We Talk Comics isn’t a podcast about the great band King’s X (though that would be awesome) but it is about music. Specifically it’s about the themes, soundtracks and memories associated with comic books in film and TV. And as usual the […]
on August 11, 2016
John Byrne and FF

WTC 158: Byrne After Reading

We Talk Comics sometimes has controversy, sometimes argument, sometimes soapboxing. Not this week. This episode, the team gets together to enjoy their shared love of a comic creator whose work helped shape super-hero comics from the Big 2 for a generation before again breaking new ground on creator owned properties. Few comic creators have had […]
Morning Glories Artist Joe Eisma.

WTC 157: Joe Eisma, The Morning After

In episode WTC 154: What’s The Story Morning Glories the guys broke down the first few trade paperbacks of the popular Image Comics series. What they didn’t expect was Morning Glories artist Supa Joe Eisma to not just hear about the show, but to actually listen to it! Joe asked to come on the show and […]
on July 27, 2016
A man who knows serial killers.

WTC 156: All Killer No Filler

Hey ho and here we go, We Talk Comics once again is on the air and in your ear and this time the show is going to go a little darker as your hosts explore serial killers in comics. Sin-Eater, Torso, Sam & Twitch, From Hell and Scourge of the Underworld are among the serial […]
on July 21, 2016
We watch an episode from each serial in this picture and discuss it on the latest We Talk Comics.

WTC 155: Why So Serials?

It’s another We Talk Comics with Brett, Keith, Chris and Mo and this episode promises to be extra fun as the guys hop in the phone booth and go back to the 1940’s to talk about 3 old movie serials that were the first comic book blockbuster films! Adventures Of Captain Marvel – Chapter 7 Human […]
on July 13, 2016