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The signature show of We Talk Podcasts sit back, pour a beverage, and laugh along with your We Talk Comics Hosts Brett, Keith, Chris and Mo

WTC 176: Damned if we Don’t

Chris Bestie was unable to make this episode of but don’t worry because your other We Talk Comics hosts Mr. Brett Podcast and Mo were able to find a more than suitable replacement. On tap for the show is writer,actor and director Andrew Miller. Andrew’s most recent TV credit was as the creator for the […]
on February 9, 2017

WTC 175: Character Study

Our scheduled guest last minute couldn’t make it so your intrepid We Talk Comics hosts improvised and decided to talk about a few of their favorite things. Find out not only who Chris, Brett and Mo’s most treasured characters in comics are but also why they hold a special place in their hearts, revealing a […]
on February 5, 2017

WTC 174: Back Talk

We Talk Comics is back as Chris, Brett and Mo return from a holiday break. This episode is just a loose show catching up on what’s been happening the last few weeks as we get a look ahead to some of the plans for WTC in 2017, what they’ve been reading and watching. Find out […]
on January 30, 2017

WTC Presents: Creator Commentary – Slash Maraud

Slash Maraud!!! First a little context… We Talk Comics has been on the air more than 5 years. WTC has had more than 100 guests or interviews in this time. Names counted among this group include Mark Texeira, J.M. DeMatteis,  Frank Cho, Peter David, Neal Adams, Dan Jurgens,Greg Rucka, Matt Hawkins, Jerry Ordway, Robert Venditti, […]
on December 26, 2016

WTC 173: Geekin’ Out, Nick’s Pick

It’s always a good time on We Talk Comics when our pal Nick Johnson (Wishless, Wolf Hands) visits the show and shares a few laughs, and we’re pretty sure you all will love this episode, the debut of a new WTC concept called Geekin’ Out! We asked Nick to come on and talk about a […]
on December 14, 2016

WTC 172: Pearl Harbor, Gibraltar of the Pacific

Dec 7, 2016 is the 75th anniversary of the attack by Japan on Pearl Harbor and We Talk Comics is proud to be joined by military historian Jay Wertz. Jay has produced a new comic on the event titled Pearl Harbor and the Day of Infamy, and he joins Brett & Mo to discuss how the […]
on December 4, 2016

WTC 171: Vic’s Reading List

It must near the holiday season because We Talk Comics have the gift of Vic Malhotra for you. Vic is the fantastic artist on books like Roche Limit from Image, Joe Hill’s Thumbprint, X-Files: Year Zero and his latest book The Killer Inside Me with Jill Thompson. But Vic isn’t here to talk about his […]
on November 29, 2016

WTC 170: Free For All

Comics are expensive, but We Talk Comics has you covered as Chris, Brett and Mo has you covered going over some of their favourite free books you all can check out so give it a listen and then get to reading! Their free recommendations are below. Overwatch (Written by Robert Brooks, Art by Bengal) Priya’s […]
on November 22, 2016

WTC 169: Election Night

And you thought the horror comics from Halloween were scary… The American Presidential Election is, blissfully, almost over after only 417 years of campaigning, and on behalf of everyone in the world outside of cable news stations and Saturday Night I just want to say… Thank Grodd. With that in mind Brett, Chris and Mo […]
on November 7, 2016

WTC 168: Vengeance From The Crypt

We Talk Comics is a scary good time with our new episodes looking at some horror themed books. First off Brett, Mo, Keith and Chris look at the book that inspired the idea, from Josie and the Pussycats #72 from October 1973. It’ frightening, but not in a traditionally scary way when Josie and her […]
on October 31, 2016

WTC 167: The Super Special

Rarely has the guys at We Talk Comics reading a bunch of books they didn’t like been so much fun, at least for the listeners! Brett, Keith, Mo and Chris take a look back at the Marvel Super Special oversized comic book magazines from the 70’s and 80’s. Marvel Super Special #1 KISS (The band […]
on October 24, 2016

WTC 166: An Epic Episode

We Talk Comics with Brett, Keith, Mo and Chris is back talking what they determine is the most influential comic book imprint in history, Epic Comics from Marvel. It’s a great look back at why the line was so important while highlighting books like Marshal Law, Trouble, Moonshadow, Groo, Alien Legion and more. The talent […]
on October 18, 2016