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We Talk Fantasy Football hosted by Brett and Mo is a no nonsense fan’s look at the super popular hobby. No trying to look too smart or make crazy predictions to boost their ego if it manages to come through, this is a straight, simple and funny look at North America’s fastest growing passion

Rex Ryan The Dummy

WTFF 2012 Week 12 – Thinning the Herd

Well in Fantasy Football just like life not everyone can be a winner, and this is likely true of both some of your teams and players. On this episode host Mo and Championship Winning Analyst Brett divvy up some of their teams in a generally disappointing year to see who can post the best record […]
on November 23, 2012

WTFF 2012 Show 10 – If Tomorrow Was Today

It’s never too early to start thinking about winning next year’s Fantasy Football league and in analyzing today’s players and what they appear to be trending towards in 2013 you can get an edge for this year’s playoff run. Join host Mo as he presents his list of top performers for next year’s Fantasy Drafts […]
on November 15, 2012

WTFF 2012 Show 09 – Good From Far, Far From Good

Hey everyone time to join us for another episode of We Talk Fantasy Football. So what does the title Good From Far, Far From Good mean? On this show host Mo and Championship winning on a the road as they tell you everything you need need to know about players with inflated stats and there […]
on November 10, 2012
Hot Titans Cheerleaders

WTFF 2012 Show 08 – I’m Frustrated By…

Hey everyone! Brand new We Talk Fantasy Football here as this week Host Mo asks Championship winning analyst Brett what has frustrated him this year so far. Inconsistent players and schizophrenic offenses are analyzed and the guys take the time to just get a few things off their chests. Another fun show.
on November 4, 2012
83 Yards For Chris Johnson

WTFF 2012 Show 07 – Return of the Fantasy 15

Back like a boomerang it’s We Talk Fantasy Football featuring the return of the Fantasy 15, fifteen players we highlighted trying to figure out if they were or weren’t  as advertised back in week 3. Well we promised to return to them during the season and see how they were doing and if we were […]
on October 24, 2012
Tim Tebow Explains To Mark Sanchez

WTFF 2012: Show 6 – 32 Teams in 48 Minutes

One more time We Talk Fantasy Football podcast hands out all the knowledge you’ll need to get the edge in your league as they give 90 seconds to all 32 teams in 48 minutes giving you all killer and no filler just analysis and of course laughs along the way so join host Mo and […]
on October 9, 2012
Football Truth

WTFF 2012: Show 4 – The Waiver Process

Waiver wire decisions can be tricky, but what you do there can also make the difference between winning the championship and missing the playoffs. On this episode join host Mo & championship winning analyst Brett as they go through the waiver wire for 8 of their teams heading into week 4 of the NFL system
on September 26, 2012
A Long Wait

WTFF 2012: Show 3 – Are You Worried?

We’re two weeks into the NFL season and we;re starting to see some patterns emerge… or are we? This episode Mo and championship winning analyst Brett examine some players you may have drafted on your team and were counting on heavily who you may not be so sure of any more. So we ask if […]
on September 19, 2012

WTFF 2012: Show 2 – The Fantasy 15

On the air and in your ear it’s We Talk Fantasy Football coming off week 1 of the NFL season. In this show Brett & Mo reveal this year’s Fantasy 15, fifteen players the guys have picked out who they will assess if they are or aren’t as advertised heading into the rest of the […]
on September 13, 2012

WTFF 2012: Show 1.5 – Live Draft Commentary

  (Explicit)  Boo-ya! It’s finally here! After weeks of speculation and talk Brett & Mo finally sit down for their annual Draft Day Extravaganza for 2012, 13 + hours of multiple  drafts, leagues and teams & on the very last draft of the day they set up a recorder and talk about all they learned and give […]
on September 5, 2012
It Is!

WTFF 2012: Season 2, Show 1

Returning to the air is the kick off for We Talk Fantasy Football with Brett & Mo. Before the NFL season officially gets under way gear up for your Fantasy year with us as we cover such topics as lessons learned from last year, value picks, trends, Brett & Mo’s drop off theory, the knucklehead […]
on August 29, 2012