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The Damage is being done on the right side of this picture.

WTMusic Interview – There Ain’t No Damage Like Brian Damage

Brian “Damage” Forsythe has had a hell of a career since his band Kix released their self titled debut 35 years ago and he joins Brett and Mo to go over it all. From key moments in the bands history to the critical success of the their 2014 release Rock Your Face Off and everything […]
on February 26, 2016
Blue Eyed Soul Legend Grayson Hugh.

WTMusic Podcast Interview: Grayson Hugh, A Heart Of Rock n’ Soul

Have you ever had the opportunity to talk to some one who’s personal story truly inspires you? That’s what happened to Brett and Mo as singer / songwriter Grayson Hugh joined them for an extended interview on his new album Back To The Soul, his career, and his fascinating life. From his early years, first […]
on September 29, 2015

WTMusic Interview – There’s No Quit In Marq Torien

Marq Torien of The BulletBoys has been making the media rounds in promotion of the band’s new album dropping June 9th 2015 – Elefanté (which we’ve heard, and we’re not blowing smoke when we say it’s excellent). He stopped by to chat with We Talk Music. In this extended podcast interview with Brett and Mo, Marq […]
on June 7, 2015
Junkyard drummer Patrick Muzingo through the year

WTM Interview – Junkyard’s Patrick Muzingo, Tried and True

By 1990 Junkyard seemed poised to make a major impact in the music industry, but a series of miscalculations, unfortunate timing and naitivity underscored the impact this talented group made. But Rock N’ Roll can never be killed, and the cult following the band developed follows them to this day. Join their long time drummer […]
on March 18, 2015
Barney First

WTM Interview – Barney On Through Space And Grind

The Through Space and Grind Tour rolled through town. We had a chance to attend the show and speak to Mark “Barney” Greenway, lead singer of Napalm Death. Here’s a review of the show with Brett and Mo and a few minutes of audio they got with Barney. M: First on the stage was The […]
on March 3, 2015
Mark Kendall Interview

WTM Interview: Mark Kendall – Beyond The Hair

Great White founder Mark Kendall joins Brett in this latest We Talk Music special interview with some awesome insight into the music industry as can only be provided by a man with 3 decades of experience. Mark let’s Brett know about working with current lead vocalist Terry Ilous, formerly of XYZ, and why his specific […]
on February 23, 2015
Helix's new album Bastard of the Blues and singer Brian Vollmer

WTM Interview: Brian Vollmer – Bastard, Blues & Planet Helix

Brian Vollmer, one of the great voices of Heavy Metal music and front man for hard rock masters Helix joins Brett and Mo to talk the latest record Bastard Of The Blues. Brian explains how they’re approaching marketing themselves in the modern music scene, his best vocal performances, keeping the history of Helix alive and […]
on February 21, 2015
Chip Z'Nuff embracing the Strange Times of this world

WTM Interview: Spending Strange Time with Chip Z’Nuff

For 3 decades Chip Z’Nuff and his band Enuff Z’Nuff have been kicking down the walls of expectations of what the hard rock power pop sound can be, and now on the heels of Enuff Z’Nuff’s 2014 disc Covered In Gold comes Chip Z’Nuff’s first ever solo effort, Strange Time. Chip hooked up over the […]
on February 10, 2015
Away and Target Earth

We Talk Music Interview: Away in Space and Grind

We Talk Music relaunches with a great interview with Michel “Away” Langevin. The drummer and founding member for the legendary Canadian thrash metal/prog rock band Voivod talks their current Through Space and Grind tour with Napalm Death. Also, his affection for their fans and the cult like following the band has, the surreal life experiences he’s had, his […]
on January 29, 2015
The Hilltop Hoods with Brett

We Talk Music Interview – Hilltop Hoods

The Hilltop Hoods were in Calgary to promote their album Drinking from the Sun, and Erin V (from KillPandaKill) and Brett got the chance to hang out with them at their hotel. Despite being a chilly day, we still decided to go and hang out by the pool to ask them some questions. They are […]
Brett with members of Warbringer

We Talk Music Interview – Warbringer

Brett and Erin V (from killpandakill) got the chance to talk to Carlos Cruz, the drummer from Warbringer when they played Flames Central in Calgary opening for Symphony X and Iced Earth. He talked about touring, the making of the Shattered Like Glass video, and having just added a new guitarist. We wound up having […]

We Talk Music Interview – Nashville Pussy

Brett and Erin V (from killpandakill) got the chance to talk to Ruyter Suys from Nashville Pussy when they played Dickens Pub in Calgary. Recorded during the first of two sold out shows with the Supersuckers, Ruyter was a bundle of energy and a total blast to talk to. She talked about touring, the release […]