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  1. Greetings:

    We’re brand new publishers (our first anthology, Mothership: Tales from Afrofuturism & Beyond was just released last month). We’re about to publish an electronic comic, called DayBlack by Keef Cross, about a vampire tattoo artist. We would like to send you an advance copy. If you’re interested, where should we send it?

    Thank you for your time and consideration.

    All the Best,
    Bill Campbell

  2. Hello!

    I am running the kickstarter for this Toronto based comic and arts anthology book themed “WHERE IS HOME?” run by Sheridan animation grads, and invite you to take a look at our book:

    I can provide the nearly completed PDF should you wish to review it. Any and all attention you can provide to the project will help it move into print, and we would be extremely grateful!

    We will also be donating copies to local libraries should our project be funded.

    Should you wish to ask any questions, you can reach me at this email address! Thank you so much.

    ~Vanessa Stefaniuk

  3. Hello! My name is Jason Yungbluth and I am the publisher of Death Ray Graphics. I’d like to know to whom I can send press releases and review materials at WeTalkPodcasts. I have a new graphic novel called Weapon Brown that I would love to share with your critics.

    Please let me know, and thank you for your time.


    Jason Yungbluth
    Death Ray Graphics

  4. Hi,

    I have been checking out your site, and I wanted to talk to you about the possibility of reviewing Issue One of my comic Super. I am currently running a Kickstarter to fund Issue Two, and it would be awesome if you or someone at We Talk Comics could give it a read!

    I can provide you with a PDF, and links to the Kickstarter can be found at my website:

    Best Regards,
    Joshua Crowther

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