Force Awakens Disney Infinity spoiler DEBUNKED!

A story quickly spread on December 23 that the Disney Infinity 3.0 Force Awakens game contains a spoiler about the parentage of Rey.

Fear not, the secrets are safe. It is a simple trick of the ear!

What many heard as “Face me, cousin!” is in fact two audio clips butted up against each other in a trick of the game play.

It is really the random fight clips “Face me” and “Curses!” slightly overlappying.

If you watch this different walkthrough, you can hear them as discrete samples.

At 12:57 you can hear the sound sample “Face me!” and just after, at 13:26, you hear the stand-alone sample “Curses!”

The mystery will have to continue until May 2017.

Keith Callbeck is the co-host of the We Talk Comics podcast and just got a new set of headphones that are really quite clear.

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