The Many Sins of Albert Pyun Volume 3- Why don’t you love me?


The One And Only Albert Pyun

The One And Only Albert Pyun


I am a fan. I am a comic fan, a movie fan and generally a fan of anything that serves to relate a story. One of the things I enjoy most about receiving feedback on the We Talk Comics Podcast is people occasional say “ I like you guys, you don’t hate on anybody”.  This happens because the We Talk Comics crew are fans and we’ve discussed this.  No matter how much we may complain a story is going  the wrong way or we may not enjoy what an artist is doing on a series we try to not to make thing personal. Now by no means do I think we have a perfect record (after all we have 108 comic podcasts and counting and even more when you look at all the cool stuff does) but I do believe we offer a fair, positive, and generally upbeat product. We do this because we are fans and know what it’s like to have someone attack an artist, writer or other creative person that we like.

            So, you can imagine my dismay when we received a communication from a person claiming to be Albert Pyun accusing me of being in league with some sort Guamanian conspiracy out to destroy a cinematic hero of mine.  Now I do not believe this to be from Mr. Pyun, firstly because the communication wasn’t from Curnan Pictures and secondly because the insinuation that I’m part of some sort of Guamanian cabal I have to equate with be accuse of being in league with G.I. Joe’s arch enemy Cobra. That said it does bug me that anyone after reading my blog about the films of Mr. Pyun would come away thinking I have a negative opinion of these films or about Mr. Pyun himself.

            I am proudly a fan of Mr. Pyuns films, I think everybody should seek out the work this man has

The One and Only Cobra Commander

The One And Only Cobra Commander

done and should Mr. Pyuns heath improve I think funding should be there for his work to continue.  Now I plan to continue to blog about these wonderful films but before that can happen I’d like to go “on the record” and say that although I’m a fan I don’t think these films are good and I don’t believe Abert Pyun is a bad film maker. You may find that last statement contrarian but I don’t believe it is. Mr. Pyun’s name is attached to some of the most ambitious low budget films I’ve ever seen. Now the end product I don’t think reflects the talent or the intentions of the talented people involved. I simple believe Mr. Pyun’s reach sometimes exceeds his grasp and he has the gravitas to exaggerate the logic of the film try to make it work. There are truly bizarre moments in almost all of Mr. Pyun’s films and in most cases I believe these moments are caused by a problem the budget or the time restraints of low budget filmmaking make the scene impossible to do as planned and Mr. Pyun is able to overcome.  I believe he succeeds more than he fails (as long as you’re not paying too close attention).  In the 1990 Captain America movie I kinda doubt the original plan was to have Steve Rogers divert the nuclear missile by kicking it but though the magic of a little creative thought we have a scene that works, until you think about it( and lets face it most people don’t).

            In any case rest assured “Mr. Pyun” I am a fan, I am not taking part in some sort grand plan to discredit you and make the troubles’ surrounding the Max Havoc series worse. I simple want to share my love with anyone who will listen. On the off chance the commenter is the real deal and can prove it I invite you to contact us again and maybe we can organize some type of counterpoint (We Talk Movies Podcasts presents Albert Pyun an audio podcast would be awesome).   I’d also like to thank this person for reminding me of the joy of these films, I am inspired stay tuned for a blog on my favorite of Mr. Pyun’s films Mean Guns. Chris O-U-T.


3 thoughts on “The Many Sins of Albert Pyun Volume 3- Why don’t you love me?

  1. Hi Chris,

    Wow…I have to thank the false me for your wonderful blog about the real me. I want to thank your very kind words and it really did touch me. Thank you for your honesty. That fake has trolled the net smearing me wherever he can. They got ahold of an old email address from another hater (now deceased) and it has been a pest.

    Its not only not from me but not even from someone from Guam (I don’t think). But I believe it’s from a failed “film maker” in LA who might be dangerous to me in the future.

    But back to your blog. I’ll be listening in the future. I think its great that real fans can get together and discuss. Whether you guys love something or not, its clear it all comes from love.

    Be glad to send you my widescreen version of Mean Guns and a few others if you will send me your mailing address. And keep an eye out for my new films especially ROAD TO HELL. I think its my best (relative term).

    The Real Albert Pyun

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