MoJoe: The Mo & Joe Show – Episode 2 Tyler James is an Oxymoron

(Warning Explicit Content – This Podcast contains a New Yorker)

He’s Baaack! It’s Scam Creator Joe Mulvey’s very own show at the We Talk Comics Family as he and Mo with Keith are joined by the Publisher of ComixTribe Tyler James to discuss the big Kickstarter campaign for their latest anthology book Oxymoron! An in depth analysis of how to run a successful campaign and what other big plans are at work for Tyler & Joe stemming from this as well as random thoughts on advertising comics, Russians, bad flight attendants, the Scottish, crazy bosses, John Lees, cover art, Jim Lee, Image as an Indie Publisher, dream ComixTribe gimmick covers, and way, way more in this 2 1/2 hour show. So listen or stream, share via the social media button and check out the sites for Joe and Tyler












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