MoJoe The Mo & Joe Show – Episode 3 The Most Dangerous Man In Comics

Joe With The Scam Billboard in Vegas


(Warning Explicit Content – This Podcast contains a New Yorker) Hey everyone! We Talk Comics will be delayed for a few days as they prepare our big review show for the 52 DC zeroes but don’t worry as we here at We Talk Podcasts have all your funny book talk needs covered as MoJoe, after a brief hiatus, is back on the air for it’s 3rd show featuring our own Mo and the Creator/Writer/Artist of the awesome book SCAM, The Most Dangerous Man In Comics himself, Joe Mulvey


Brett of We Talk Podcasts sharing a Copy of Joe’s SCAM with Comic Canuck of

Joined by Joe’s publisher Tyler James of Comixtribe MoJoe features talk on the success of the Red Ten kickstarter hardcover project they had going on last month, the official Diamond Distribution release of SCAM and the marketing ploy they used to get the word out (hint-check out the show’s picture up top), The Walking Dead lawsuit settlement between writer Robert Kirkman and artist Tony Moore, promotion or lack there of by the big 2 publishers, why Mo’s a vegetarian and Tyler & Joe’s simple solution, the Imbibe with the Tribe event they are doing for the New York Comic Con & a speed round of questions Mo poses the guys looking to learn more about them. This is a pure bundle of awesomeness to listen to so sit back for another 100 minute ride



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