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WTC Show 53 – The Final Issue!

Awesome returns with the latest episode of We Talk Comics. This show the main topic is best (and worst) final issues of monthly series or long creator runs. From Alan Moore’s Whatever Happened to the Man of Tomorrow in Superman #423 & Action Comics #583 signalling the end of the Silver Age Superman to the […]
on October 13, 2012

Op-Ed: Northstar doesn’t know who you are either

800 comic appearances over 33 years. A member of Alpha Flight and the X-Men. Appeared in the highly-rated X-Men Animated Series. Appeared in the X-Men Destiny video game. An action figure. Mini-bust. Eaglemoss figurine. Solo mini-series. And a NY Times headline when he became the first Marvel character to come out. So why have I […]

Comic Book Memories

Comic book memories are funny things. After decades of reading, some memories tend to get blended with other appearances (such as movies, television, and books) to produce incorrect versions of events. For example, I could have a memory of a Batman storyline, I could think that it was directly out of the comics, but having […]