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Stick Boy Podcast – Ep 68 – School Talk

Joel has T and Matthew on this very special podcast! In this episode we learn about Matthew journey into the world of TV production and how school are different all across Canada! We share stories about our time in school, and stories of our lives after school. We also get some words of advice from […]

WTMusic Interview: Mark Kendall Post Concert Chat

There’s been so many people We Talk Podcasts has interacted with over the years but it’s harder to find a classier group to deal with than the iconic hard rock blues band Great White and the people associated with them. That’s why Brett and Mo were so excited when the chance to talk to guitarist […]
on October 27, 2016

WTC 158: Byrne After Reading

We Talk Comics sometimes has controversy, sometimes argument, sometimes soapboxing. Not this week. This episode, the team gets together to enjoy their shared love of a comic creator whose work helped shape super-hero comics from the Big 2 for a generation before again breaking new ground on creator owned properties. Few comic creators have had […]

Stick Boy Podcast – Ep 50 – SAIT Time

The Stick Boy Podcast has finally hit 50! Firstly a special thank you to everyone who made this possible! In this very special episode Joel, and fellow SAIT grads T Blake and Jesse Mullie talk about there time at SAIT, what it’s like to work in the TV industry from freelancing and having a steady […]

WTC 149: Calgary Expo tales

Keith and Chris are just about recovered from the festival of comics, fun, and screamers that is the Calgary Comic and Entertainment Expo! Keith and Chris take a quick sidetrip to talk about the first shared movie universe – the Universal Monsters! Then it’s on to some convention stories from the Calgary Comic and Entertainment Expo. […]

A Special Message About The Panel One Comic Creator Festival

So we’re less than 24 hours away from the Panel One Comic Creators Festival, or #P1CCF. It will be at the Hillhurst Sunnyside Community Association in Calgary Alberta, from noon to 7 pm, and June 4th, 2016 will be a special day for many people. In many ways this is a culmination of what it […]
on June 3, 2016

WTC 145: Kickstarting The Panel One Movement

Panel One is a completely unique entity in the world of comics. It’s about comic creators, no matter their background or experience, coming together to help one another be better at making comics and spread the word about this amazing medium of entertainment. Panel One itself has been around for just over 1 year, and […]
on March 26, 2016

We Talk Wrestling February 5, 2016: Bret Hart and a RAW Rant

We Talk Wrestling returns with another packed show. The guys open with a couple of RAW rants and then transitions into thoughts, memories, and well wishes for Bret The Hitman Hart as he battles prostate cancer.  As mentioned on the show, Bret’s full post announcing his battle is here: “It is with great remorse that […]
on February 5, 2016

WTC Interview Special: Matthew Sturges

Keith and Brett sit down with some cold beverages and empty notepads to talk to writer Matthew Sturges about his new projects with Devil’s Due / 1First Comics. What starts as a chat about Sturges’ & John Lucas’ up-coming graphic novel The Four Norsemen of the Apocalypse transforms into an inspection of the creative impulse […]

Stick Boy Podcast: Ep 4 – A Phenomenal Rumble

Phenomenal is the key word as we inch closer to the Royal Rumble. Joel and Josh react to a lackluster Raw, how a old man struggles to opens up some balls, Brock Lesnar got beat up?! We Also give our predictions for the Royal Rumble, update on Daniel Bryan, and will we finally see AJ Styles […]

WTC Creator Summit 4: A Growing Community – Group 03

Group 03 Consists of:   Ryan Ferrier – D4VE Christopher Peterson – Mayday Kate Larking – Crash and Burn Nick Johnson – Wolf Hands Rick Overwater – Futility When We Talk Comics decided to host the first ever Creator Summit back in 2012 no one could have ever imagined what it would grow into. 9 […]
on January 18, 2016

WTC Creator Summit 4: A Growing Community – Group 02

Group 02 Consists of: Ben Rankel – FRANK Finn Lucullan – Crash and Burn Nathan Millar – Where She Walks Chloe Smith – Twig Communications Aaron Navrady – The Cold Fire Riley Rossmo – Constantine: The Hellblazer When We Talk Comics decided to host the first ever Creator Summit back in 2012 no one could have ever imagined what it […]
on January 15, 2016