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Lara Croft Throwing her Shoulder out of Socket in 2001

We Talk Comics Show 111 – WTC Volume One: Episode 58

Even you long time listeners of We Talk Comics may be surprised to know that this isn’t the first incarnation of WTC, as back in the old days the boys used to mail out a monthly show via cassette and then by CD to subscribers. Here we present one of those old episodes from 13 […]
on June 2, 2014

WTC Special Edition Interview – Malibu Memories with Chris Ulm & Dave Olbrich

We Talk Comics returns with a fantastic interview sponsored by COMICOSITY with former Editor In Chief of Malibu Comics Chris Ulm as well as Co-Founder/Publisher of Malibu Dave Olbrich.               The early 90’s were one of the most controversial, innovative, volatile and exciting times in comic book history and these […]
on May 27, 2012