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FTN:Wide World Of Sports

Scott & Josh Talk the full Gambit of the Sports starting with talking about the Blue Jays bats coming alive, Moves at the deadline, What happen to the Whitesox, World series favs,  Euro cup talk, Russia doping olympic scandal, NBA finals, Stanley cup, where Stamkos will go, Vegas expansion and much more . You can […]

WTM Interview – Barney On Through Space And Grind

The Through Space and Grind Tour rolled through town. We had a chance to attend the show and speak to Mark “Barney” Greenway, lead singer of Napalm Death. Here’s a review of the show with Brett and Mo and a few minutes of audio they got with Barney. M: First on the stage was The […]
on March 3, 2015

WTC Presents: Graphic Novel Spotlight

Keith sits down with Canadian graphic novelist Meags Fitzgerald to talk about the very personal debut project, Photobooth: A Biography. Having produced only a single-page comic story prior to Photobooth, what made Meags take this giant leap into the form? In the past decade. traditional photo machines have started to rapidly disappear, causing an eclectic […]