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WTC Presents: BOTP 7 – Weird Food On The Patio

Presented by Geek Nation Tours So… Any of you out there a We Talk Comics fan, but you think to yourself “Man, it sure would be good if they just talked just a little less comics…” It does seem unlikely, but if that somehow is the case well then this is the show for you! […]
on June 17, 2015

WTMusic Blog: The 50 Most Generic Hair Metal Bands Countdown (40-31)

Generic Hair Metal Bands Countdown Part 1 (50-41) The countdown continues. Now we’re judging not whether or not Hair Metal is any good, since We Talk Music will happily admit to loving the genre, but we still know some bands were a little less original than others… OK, a lot of bands. So here it is, the […]
on May 25, 2015