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WTC Special – Legion of Substitute Heroes

(Strong Language) When rising superstar artist Riley Rossmo ( mentioned to us he’d like to come on and talk books from the Nineteen Seventies, Brett & Mo decided to make it happen right away. So we banished Chris and good old Cub Reporter K and asked our buddy Scott Kowalchuk ( to join us instead, and then […]

WTC Special Edition Interview – Malibu Memories with Chris Ulm & Dave Olbrich

We Talk Comics returns with a fantastic interview sponsored by COMICOSITY with former Editor In Chief of Malibu Comics Chris Ulm as well as Co-Founder/Publisher of Malibu Dave Olbrich.               The early 90’s were one of the most controversial, innovative, volatile and exciting times in comic book history and these […]
on May 27, 2012