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Tyler James

Blue Devil 2012

WTC Show 54 – No Topic, No Problem

Pow! We Talk Comics has another great show this week with an extra long Weekly News with Cub Reporter K (sponsored by COMICOSITY ) catching up everyone on all the biggest news of late as well as all the analysis you can imagine from hosts Keith, Chris and Mo. Also as a mighty fine pile […]
on October 25, 2012
DC Zero Month

WTC Show 52 – Zero Tolerance (52 books, 52 minutes)

Just when you thought the Wt Talk Comics guys couldn’t possibly come up with another show more fun than any they’ve ever done they surprise you with a show reviewing all 52 remaining DC Zero Month issues they haven’t covered in a segment they call 52 Books in 52 Minutes (proudly sponsored by COMICOSITY) Podcast: […]
on October 1, 2012
Joe With The Scam Billboard in Vegas

MoJoe The Mo & Joe Show – Episode 3 The Most Dangerous Man In Comics

  (Warning Explicit Content – This Podcast contains a New Yorker) Hey everyone! We Talk Comics will be delayed for a few days as they prepare our big review show for the 52 DC zeroes but don’t worry as we here at We Talk Podcasts have all your funny book talk needs covered as MoJoe, after […]
on September 26, 2012
Many Faces Of Stephanie Brown

WTC Show 49 – I’m Glad You Do

Well it had to happen again sooner or later as Keith takes center stage on this show. Not only do we have his popular segment The Weekly News with Cub Reporter K (sponsored by COMICOSITY) but this week’s big topic was inspired by his blog on the Stephanie Brown character currently absent from DC since […]
on September 8, 2012
Superman Beer

WTC Show 45 – Beers On The Patio

A little something different for you this week as for the 1st time ever all 4 hosts of We Talk Comics come together out of the basement and into the great big wide world all in one location. No computers or planning or even reviews (There is still The Weekly News with Cub Reporter K […]
on August 11, 2012
Oxymoron Hardcover

MoJoe: The Mo & Joe Show – Episode 2 Tyler James is an Oxymoron

(Warning Explicit Content – This Podcast contains a New Yorker) He’s Baaack! It’s Scam Creator Joe Mulvey’s very own show at the We Talk Comics Family as he and Mo with Keith are joined by the Publisher of ComixTribe Tyler James to discuss the big Kickstarter campaign for their latest anthology book Oxymoron! An in […]
on July 29, 2012
1 Free!

MoJoe: The Mo & Joe Show – Episode 1 MoJoe Rising

  (Warning Explicit Content – This Podcast contains a New Yorker) TIME TO GET IN ON THE SCAM EVERYONE! Welcome to the brand new show in the We Talk Podcasts family as the expansion continues with We Talk Comics Wave Two, MoJoe: The Mo & Joe Show as upcoming superstar creator/writer/artist Joe Mulvey of Scam […]
on June 25, 2012

Join the ComixTribe Street Team!

  ComixTribe has a great new promotion for comic book fans. Below is how they describe it on their website This is a call to arms! ComixTribe books are now being solicited to every comic shop on the planet…but we all know having a comic listing buried in the back of a Previews Catalog won’t […]
on June 3, 2012

We Talk Comics – Joe Mulvey Bloopers, Outtakes & Opinions

The Creator/Writer/Artist of one of the hottest independent books in years Joe Mulvey is an absolutely fantastic interview. Smart, charismatic and extremely funny when Keith and myself talked to him for our March 2nd 2012 special edition podcast about his book SCAM it went well over 2 hours, and while nearly 90 minutes went into […]

We Talk Comics – The Red Ten Special Edition

We Talk Comics is back with a special edition as we talk to the creators of The Red Ten from ComixTribe, one of the most promising comic book projects out there. Keith, Brett and Mo got a chance to catch up with the talented writer Tyler James and creative artist Cesar Feliciano for nearly 50 […]