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WTC Show 79 – The Speculators

It’s Episode Number 79 for We Talk comics this time spotlighting a new semi regular feature called The Speculators where the guys try and figure out how history would have changed if one simple event was different. From figuring out what would have happened to Marvel if they had cancelled X-Men instead of publishing Giant […]
on June 1, 2013

WTC Special Edition Interview – Malibu Memories with Chris Ulm & Dave Olbrich

We Talk Comics returns with a fantastic interview sponsored by COMICOSITY with former Editor In Chief of Malibu Comics Chris Ulm as well as Co-Founder/Publisher of Malibu Dave Olbrich.               The early 90’s were one of the most controversial, innovative, volatile and exciting times in comic book history and these […]
on May 27, 2012