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James Cameron Spider-Man 1994 Fake Movie Poster

We Talk Comics Show 106 – Ultimate Scriptments

The hilarious concept of reading unproduced Hollywood comic book scripts or scriptments returns for the second time as your hosts review perform 4 more verified never made movie blockbusters. This time we have James Cameron’s infamous take on Spider-Man, what would have happened if Rob Zombie had made a film about the Crow, the potential […]
d4ve improvement

We Talk Comics Show 104 – T00L T1ME

We Talk Comics Episode 104: Episode #1: T00L T1ME ! Keith hosts solo and is joined by guests writer & letterer Ryan Ferrier (D4VE, Tiger Lawyer) and COMICOSITY founder and co-owner Aaron Long. Jump on points, new-reader friendly, accessible. Necessary, beneficial, or marketing nonsense? Inspired by a series of tweets (wait until you see that […]

We Talk Comics Show 103 – Everything Old is New Again

  Show sponsor COMICOSITY‘s  Michael Hale of the brilliant Comics Classroom Blog is this week’s rotating guest host and joins in for a fun discussion on the week’s biggest comic book news stories with Cub Reporter K, WeViews of 3 books (Witcher #1 - Daredevil Vol 4 #1 – Clockwork Angels #1) and a debate on who is really the biggest […]
Michelle Pfeiffer Catwoman

We Talk Comics Show 101 – WTC Scriptments Part 1

It’s We Talk Comics boys and girls as sponsored by the great COMICOSITY and on this episode the boys take some real never made Hollywood comic book screenplays and give a synopsis, a review, and even perform a few scenes including…   The proposed Green Lantern film written by the man who created and voiced […]

WTC Show 99.NOW – And Then There Were Three

Brett, Chris and Keith sit down for a quick look at the biggest news thanks to COMICOSITY and to share this week’s WeViews. The top story is, of course, the return of a beloved benched character from DC. Also the guys react to the newly announced DC books for April. A mega-sized WeViews has the guys […]

WTC Show 99 – The Nostradamus Effect

(Warning – Strong Language) Recorded Jan 8th. Another slamming episode of We Talk Comics hits the air as your hosts Brett, Chris, Keith and Mo look back at their predictions from 2013 and make some brand new ones for 2014. Also the  COMICOSITY sponsored Weekly News With Cub Reporter K and WeViews of Down Set Fight, Injustice Year […]
Rocket Robin Hood!

WTC Show 97.2 – Blah, Blah, Blah

Once more Keith, Brett and Mo gather together for a quick update on the website status, iTunes, and some comic talk all mixed in into a a crazy hurricane hour of fun. Listen in Rocket Robin Hood and The Mighty Hercules Fans, maybe not if you enjoy Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D  TV show though Podcast: Download (Duration: […]

WTC Show 97.1 – Yadda, Yadda, Yadda

A quick check in with your WTC hosts Brett, Keith, Chris and Mo this week for an unofficial show that still has plenty of comic talk and gives the readers an update on the show’s status coming up and the revamped We Talk Podcasts Website as well as info on the new upcoming iTunes feed for […]
on November 21, 2013
What if Reed Richards had not invented Unstable Molecules

WTC Show 96 – Weird Comic Science

Gather around boys and girls as it’s time for another We Talk Comics! Keith and show sponsor COMICOSITY bring us The Weekly News With Cub Reporter K… featuring a little help from Copy Boy M. Also WeViews this week discusses Pretty Deadly, Velvet, Zombie War and the start to the latest Conan mini. The big […]
on November 11, 2013

WTC Show 95 – The Weekly News Avec Cubreporterk

Cub Reporter K returns to tell us all the News our sponsor has from Marvel, Valiant, DC and more stemming from the New York comic Convention NYCC. Also Brett, Keith, Chris and Mo have another massive amount of Reviews in their WeViews section with 11 big books out over the last 2 weeks in […]
on October 19, 2013
Disney Comic Books In 3-D

WTC Show 91 – Everybody Loves Lists

A great time to be had by all on the latest We Talk Comics as Brett, Keith, Chris and Mo give you their top 5 lists of The Best Copycat Characters, The Worst Comic Book Fads and The Silliest Jack Kirby Character Names. Also a horrible impression of a famous wrestler leads to the COMICOSITY […]
on September 15, 2013
A Brand New Lobo

WTC Show 90 – Chain Reaction

On this week’s episode of We Talk Comics… Action with The Weekly News with Cub Reporter K (sponsored by COMICOSITY), Drama with the response to your heroes hearing the news of the next actor to play Batman, Excitement with WeViews of Overtaken #1, Itty Bitty Hellboy #1, American Vampire Anthology #1, Batman Incorporated Special #1, […]
on August 30, 2013