We Talk Comics Episode 114: Defining Indie


Black of Heart From Chris Charlton

The bad teddy bear of comics, Chris Charlton owner of Assailant Comics (@Assailantcomics) joins our regular co-hosts Chris and Keith for a discussion of the state of independent comics today. In  this day and age of small print runs, digital firsts and creator owned imprints is there a need to go through the larger companies?

Along the way Plant of the Apes, power outages, and Chris’ connection to classic publisher Charlton Comics (spoiler: there isn’t one) create some fun in that WTC way. Join us as we talk about comics being produced outside the big 2 (and bunches of other stuff because, as you know, the WTC crew tends to be easily distracted).

Chris recommends one of his favourite small press books and it turns out to be one near and dear to the WTC family. 

Chris Charlton’s superb comics – Black of Heart, Binary Grey, Sleepless and Open Tree can be purchased at Assailantcomics.com and soon on Comixology. Do yourself a favour and pick some up.


Read Binary Gray #1 free at the Assailant Comics Website

Assailant Comics

As an added bonus as usual regular co-host Chris mangles several of the author’s titles in front of him. Enjoy Chris’s humiliation.

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