We Talk Comics Show 101 – WTC Scriptments Part 1

It’s We Talk Comics boys and girls as sponsored by the great COMICOSITY and on this episode the boys take some real never made Hollywood comic book screenplays and give a synopsis, a review, and even perform a few scenes including…

Michelle Pfeiffer Catwoman


The proposed Green Lantern film written by the man who created and voiced Triumph The Insult Comic Dog, Robert Smigel that was set to star Jack Black

Sam Hamm, scriptwriter of Tim Burton’s Batman and his insane adaptation of Watchmen that Alan Moore feared so much

The script of a high concept but seemingly doomed to low budget Spider-Man film written in 1985 for B movie studio and then rights holder Cannon Films

And the Michelle Pfeiffer Catwoman movie by Daniel Waters spinning out of Batman Returns and supposedly going to be directed by Burton himself

So much fun a part 2 is already in the works!



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