We Talk Comics Show 109 – Great Expo-tations

J. Scott Campbell at the Calgary Expo

Brett with J. Scott Campbell

It’s We Talk Comics Time once again as regular host Keith is joined by WTC Legends (Yeah, I said it) Brett and Mo to tell stories, thoughts and observations from The Calgary Comic & Entertainment Expo  that occurred in late April, plus 5 epic interviews conducted on the Expo floor.

May the Force be with Brett as he talks to C-3PO himself Anthony Daniels and brings up the comic book Mr. Daniels wrote.

Actress Liz Vassey with stories with Brett about her role as Captain Liberty in the Live Action Tick series, acting in the 1998 version of Fantasy Island with Malcolm McDowell and being on Herman’s Head.

Ray Fawkes talked with Keith giving us insight to the man who’s written Justice League Dark, Constatine, Trinity War: Pandora and Batgirl plus is the creator of the brilliant One Soul.

Liz Vassey makes even Brett Look Good

Liz Vassey makes even Brett Look Good

Keith also talks to David Lloyd of V for Vendetta fame about digital comics, his current project Aces Weekly and attending the Expo on the behalf of The Comic Book Legal Defense Fund.

J. Scott Campbell, the artist of Danger Girl and of course Gen 13 tells Brett about that book’s 20 year anniversary and if there is or isn’t any plans to celebrate 2 decades of the troubled teens plus a whole lot more.

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