We Talk Comics Show 111 – WTC Volume One: Episode 58

The long forgotten (Thankfully) DC character Sister Glory

The long forgotten (Thankfully) DC character Sister Glory

Even you long time listeners of We Talk Comics may be surprised to know that this isn’t the first incarnation of WTC, as back in the old days the boys used to mail out a monthly show via cassette and then by CD to subscribers.

Here we present one of those old episodes from 13 years prior as it’s WTC Volume One: Episode 58 from June of 2001.

This show features lots of great news items that time period and talk about comics during a rather scary slump and before Super Hero and Comic Book Movies became the in thing.

Lara Croft Throwing her Shoulder out of Socket in 2001

Lara Croft Ready, Fire , Aim from Tomb Raider Zero in 2001

Tomb Raider looking Stupid in 2001

Lara Croft Issue Zero Backward Flip

The big subject of the day is the decision Marvel was making to drop the Comics Code Authority stemming from the reaction the CCA had to X-Force #116 by Mike Allred and Peter Milligan, and what the expected fallout to Marvel comics and their competitors might be.

As well there’s in depth WeViews of books out the month of June 2001 such as Battle Pope #6 (or Battle Pope Mayhem #1 depending on how you look at it). Also Fray #1, Exiles #1, Sandman Presents: Dead Boy Detectives #1. As well the guys look at the graphic novel Justice League: Gods and Monsters, The Gunwitch: Outskirts of Doom, Tomb Raider #0, The Punisher V4 #1, and rounding out this monster list (pun intended) is Vampirella Nowheresville #1.

So listen in and share with the social media buttons. It’s a  fun and utterly fascinating look back on this very special episode from the vault. June 2001 was simply a very different time folks.

An FBI Director in the World of Vampirella Nowheresville

An FBI Director in the World of Vampirella Nowheresville

In 2001 The Woman In Vampirella Books Just Touched Themselves Inappropriately for No Good Reason

In 2001 The Female Characters In Vampirella Just Touched Themselves InappropriatelyFor No Good Reason

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