We Talk Comics Special – Talking with Fred Van Lente

FVL-Color-300dpi-2.75x2.5(Language Warning)

You are Fred Van Lente

You have written virtually every comic book character

And you think Iron Fist sucks

Join Brett and Mo as they spend time with writer Fred Van Lente going through his career from his youth, getting his break thanks to doing The Silencers, working at Marvel and creating the new Victor Alvarez Power Man, his trials and tribulations scripting Cowboys & Aliens and his thoughts on the film adaptation,  his creative process,  how he got the chance to write Archer & Armstrong, upcoming projects like Conan, and who Magnus Robot Fighter is and how his version is different. Plus way, way too much time spent with Brett & Mo as they try and explain the crazy Acclaim Comics version of the character to Fred.

A great hour worth of listening covering all that and more.


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