We Talk Wrestling Nov. 9th, 2014: Whatcha Watchin’?

It's the Lex Express, who We Talk Wrestling never actually mentions this show.

It’s the Lex Express, who We Talk Wrestling never actually mentions this show.

(Explicit) It’s another We Talk Wrestling with Addie and Mo! On this WTW the guys discuss their viewing habits, or more specifically Mo’s now that he’s given up watching both Raw and Smackdown, and of course no one watches iMPACT right?

So it’s time to discuss a little ROH, some Dragon Gate and their great star Uhaa Nation, and some Lucha Underground. Hey, if they can make Chavo Guerrero Jr. and Ezekial Jackson AKA Big Ryck worth watching they got to have something going for them. Also WWE Network programming is OK so the guys talk NXT and the DX Confidential Panel filmed during Summerslam.

Or should I say P-Anal..?

The guys also take a long look ahead at who could and should get a look into getting into the WWE Hall of Fame this year. Plus, like most episodes of WTW, there’s an unusual amount of talk by Addie about his genitalia, but hey no sense in breaking from tradition now! There’s more though, as listeners tweet their most memorable moments so far in WWE during 2014, and how valuable would Jim Ross be if he called the New Japan Pro Wrestling Tokyo Dome Show as presented by Global Force Wrestling on Jan 4th?

So give it a listen and share the show with the social media buttons, and thanks for all the support. We know the sound quality isn’t great, (we tried, we really did) but We Talk Wrestling is always fun!

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