The Day Superman Came to Calgary

I caught the first few minutes of Superman 3 as I was flipping through the channels and remembered that most of the Metropolis scenes were filmed in my hometown of Calgary, Alberta.

Armed with some screen grabs and a camera, I set out to find the one intersection where the first section of the film was shot. Though it has been 30 years, I was surprised how many of the angles still looked similar. The new construction in the city hasn’t effected that area of downtown.

A bit of trivia, they shot the buildings at a pretty steep angle as there weren’t that many tall ones to start with for it to double for Metropolis. The population at the time was only 623,000.

clark knox compareknox across the street

 parking reverse

supes car save




2 thoughts on “The Day Superman Came to Calgary

  1. Hi, i’m going to Calgary. And i wanna know the exactly locations of your photos (street and number).

    Thank you very much, you’ve done a great job! All best!

    • The first photo (the brown brick building) is Knox United Church is 506 4 St SW. The rest of the shots are along 6th Avenue within sight of Knox. Enjoy your trip!

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