The Longbox Graveyard Podcast Show 12: Iron Man 3, Chris Ulm, & The LBG Pod Swan Song

Lomgbox Graveyard AKA Paul O'Connor & Chris Ulm of Appy Entertainment

Lomgbox Graveyard AKA Paul O’Connor & Chris Ulm of Appy Entertainment

Hello everyone and welcome to the final fantastic installment of the smartest comic book podcast on all of the internet as we present the last part of our year long journey here on The Longbox Graveyard Podcast.
Paul O’Connor AKA Longbox Graveyard & his guest & good friend the former Editor In Chief of the legendary Malibu Comics Chris Ulm spend this episode talking the good and bad points of Iron Man 3, as well as all the other Marvel Movies, and even veer off into unexpected territory like Judge Dredd. A ton of fun for us all.
To get more of Paul & Chris together visit their work and check out their IOS games at Appy Entertainment  & of course make sure to check out the continuing adventures of LBG at his Blog  & Twitter
Paul O'Connor Flanked by Horace Austin and our very own Cub Reporter K

Paul O’Connor Flanked by Horace Austin and our very own Cub Reporter K

And on behalf of all of us here on the We Talk Comics team we will always consider Paul to be a part of the We Talk Podcasts Family, and the pleasure and privilege has been all ours my friend. We look forward to hearing from you in some way or another on the air here again some day, and thank you for throwing a little class into what we do. 



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