The Longbox Graveyard Podcast: Show 6 – The Curse of the Value Stamp

Hey everyone get ready to hop on the awesome train with another new episode of the smartest podcast in comics with Paul O’Connor AKA The Longbox Graveyard.

On this episode you’ll learn all about the latest over at his Blog (Blog (, @LBoxGraveyard!/LBoxGraveyard) where he’ll be writing about Master of Kung Fu, Steranko’s Fury, Project Green Light which is a movie pitch with former Malibu Brass Chris Ulm & Tom Mason on Dr. Strange, Tomb of Dracula, and changes from to everything to be revealed in his Longbox Soapbox? Also a LBG fills you in a little on his Dollar Box column to be found over at the terrific website StashMyComics (


Then follow LBG as he takes on the subject of valuable comics we unknowingly damaged by removing the Marvel Value Stamp, a seemingly value less promotion Marvel Comics put on that did untold damage to some of the most sought after books of it’s era, including a book in LBG’s very own collection, Wolverine’s 1st appearance in The Incredible Hulk # 181.

A funny if soberingly painful look back at a 12 year old Longbox Graveyard and his youthful foolishness. And for more on this subject check the links below.

Comics Price Guide:

Marvel Value Stamps:

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One thought on “The Longbox Graveyard Podcast: Show 6 – The Curse of the Value Stamp

  1. Great podcast as always, Paul! I am reminded of the DC analogue from the same era – DC books had a 4 page ad spread in the centre of each issue.
    This meant you could remove those pages without damaging the integrity of the comic, something I did for years because a) they weighed slightly less when I was shipping them around the country over and over and b) I was never parting with my collection (right?).
    Fastforward to when I was parting with my collection, over and over those books will get dropped back into a 25 cent bin because of the missing centre ads.

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