The Longbox Graveyard Podcast: Show 8: The Dark Knight Rises

Paul O’Connor AKA The Longbox Graveyard hits the air once again with a show The Dark Knight Rises Batman in the Rainthat manages to both get you up to date on everything happening in his blog ( as well as share some opinions on the latest Christopher Nolan Batman epic, plus a few other films as well and what they tend to become to those emotionally involved in them.

As usual with an LBG Podcast all is not what it seems as there’s so much more below the surface of this episode than 1st appears, and in many ways this may end up being the most RAW and deeply personal podcast Longbox Graveyard has given us yet, as well as being a lot of fun to hear.The Dark Night Rises Bane

As always more from LBG can be found at…

StashMyComics (

@LBoxGraveyard (!/LBoxGraveyard)

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Also a link to some of the blogs referred to in the show…

Ultimate Marvel Movie Marathon:

John Carter film review (despair1) at LBG:

And as a giving soul LBG would also like you to visit his Plug Of The Month Dark Night Heath Ledger Joker



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