We Talk Comics – 25th Issue Spectacular!

Monkees-2-DelboHi everyone it’s Mo here and I want to personally invite everyone to join us for our official 25th show featuring some of the liveliest comic book discussion you’ll find anywhere on the net. Opening up with Keith’s regular segment, the always popular Weekly News with Cub Reporter K keeping everyone up to date with the absolute most important happenings in the world of comics this week featuring news on Pandora from the pages of JLA, the latest most important sales figures, the further reveals of what may be coming from the Valiant Comics relaunch and much more This segment also features a little cameo from our sister Show We Talk Wrestling as Addie does a little run in just long enough to annoy everyone particularly Keith. I’m looking forward to the cage match between these 2, my money’s on Keith!!! He’s like the Hulk and he’s definitely angry. Then the show switches to a more serious discussion coming off the final news item from Cub Reporter K as we discuss the One Million Moms and Archie Comics controversy and fallout with Toys R Us among others. Everyone gets in some great points as I try to keep to keep Brett on track not so much about the politics of the issues presented as about if it’s right for Archie and comics in general to engage in such practices presenting their political viewpoints. Great talk here. We then go to one of our semi regular features as we do 4 For a Dollar with Chris explaining the concept of our discussing the best cheap reads for you to find in the bins at stores and shows and kicking it off with a surprising choice! Finally we get to our weekly review section as WeViews weighs in on some of the biggest new books to come out reviewing Marvel’s new Age Of Apocalypse #1, Jonathan Hickman’s new Image project Manhattan Projects #1, the interesting independent book Zombie Outlaw #1, and Boom’s launch of Supurbia #1 So join us for this super sized and super awesome episode as I’m very proud of it and to be involved with these good men I’m lucky to call my friends who join me ( yes even Addie ), and we throw in a little tribute to the recently passed Davy Jones O-U-T Mo



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