We Talk Comics – September 2, 2011

Adrienne Barbeau Swamp Thing PaintingOnce more unto the breach as We Talk Comics returns talking such topics as best remaining properties to be turned into a major feature film, Elseworlds story lines, Brian Wood’s future plans, if great talent means you can write commercial work as well as your own & if not a discussion on why that may be, the sobering thought of no comic book selling over 100K in sales in a month for the first time, a correction on the comiXology app from our last show, plus the debut of 2 new features. First is “Burn These Books” a look at worst story lines, & our first choice is the 1998 “Superman Red/Superman Blue” disaster. Next is “Fan Boy Review” where we look at how much respect the comic book origins of movies based on comics are given from a reader perspective. Our first review is of the 1982 Wes Craven film Swamp Thing & we follow with an interview with the lovely & talented Adrienne Barbeau where we talk with her about such topics as her thoughts working on the film, Maude, her ex husband John Carpenter, Carnivàle, how proud she is of her work in the brilliant Alice Jacobs Is Dead (2009) zombie short film, and much more. And if you’re wondering, yes, I did go there in our interview with the beautiful Ms. Barbeau about her famous bathing scene in Swamp Thing.



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