We Talk Comics Super Summit II – Emotionally Subnormal

Language Warning Originally recorded December 27th 2013, and delayed due to an apparent loss of audio which was recovered thanks to the work of Jacek Krzywicki. Please visit his LinkedIn page to learn more about his work as an Embedded & Real-time Systems Specialist  . We are very proud to present the 2nd We Talk Comics Super Summit in it’s entirety as it was meant to be heard (Minus some compensation for poor audio quality).

The Participants

Riley Rossmo: A popular Artist and Creator mainly known for works published through Image such as Proof, Cowboy Ninja Viking, Bedlam, Green Wake and Dia de Los Muertos. Riley’s latest creator owned work is Drumhellar.

Paying attention.

Paying attention.

Ryan Ferrier: Writer and Letterer who’s self-published imprint Challenger Comics offers a place for aspiring creators to showcase their their work, he also created Tiger Lawyer, a book about a tiger who is also, you guessed it, A LAWYER! Ryan also has a new book from digital publisher Monkeybrain gaining numerous critical acclaim called D4VE. readchallenger.com

Ben Rankel: “Ben Rankel is a Canadian designer, illustrator and comic artist. He worked on some popular webcomics for half a decade before deciding he wanted to draw comic books. Now he’s working on that. He hasn’t won any awards or anything yet but he’s pretty good at twitter.” – From the about section of  benrankel.com

Chris Peterson: A relatively new name on the comics scene Chris has made a splash as artist on Challenger Comics Ultranova (with Ryan as writer). He also has seen his work for Grindhouse: Bee Vixens from Mars  published by Dark Horse, and can be found on GOGETTERS! &  the excellently titled DONG PATROL! Check out Chris’s website at vsrobots.com

Jason Mehmel: How would Jason describe himself? Well according to Twitter “Writer, producer and theatre artist. Comics creator. Aspirations of becoming an internet samurai.” More of Jason’s crazy genius is to be seen at fightcomics.ca  or jasonmehmel.wordpress.com

Fighting over comics!

Fighting over comics!

Nick Johnson: Nick is poised to be the next great artist to come out of Canada and make some noise on the comics scene. A multiple time winner of the Calgary Artist Challenge (as hosted by the great Alpha Comics) you can read more of his numerous accomplishments in his burgeoning career at nickj.ca and nicksoup.com

Scott Kowalchuk: Not only is Scott the artist of the award winning Image comic The Intrepids (written by mega talent Kurtis J. Wiebe) and The Mysterious Strangers from ONI Press he is perhaps the most frequent and popular guest on the We Talk Comics Podcast and goes by the Twitter name Comics Jack Tripper for a reason. To read maybe the best thing you’ll try in 2014 check out his work with Chris Sims on the original graphic novel DOWN SET FIGHT!

And of course the group is rounded out by your regular WTC Podcast hosts Brett (@Brett_WeTalk), Keith (@CubReporterK), Chris (@chris_wetalk) and Mo (@Mo_WeTalk).


The Topics 

Emotionally Subnormal: Alan Moore and his rant that occurred during his interview with The Guardian UK (HERE) on his view of the Super Hero Genre and the mental stability of adults who still follow them

Web 2.0: Breaking into the comic book industry for aspiring creators in today’s market

A very special thanks to the attendees and we look forward to hosting a 3rd event during this calendar year


The entire We Talk Podcasts Team

Autographed Summit Page

Autographed Summit Page


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