We Talk Comics – The Flaming Skulls

Ghost Rider Quote WallpaperWe Talk Comics is back with a new edition full of great stuff!!! Opening with The Weekly News with Cub Reporter K we get the scoop on the lawsuit between the Edgar Rice Burroughs estate & Dynamite Entertainment for trademark infringement on John Carter of Mars and Tarzan material, the return of Marvel’s Captain Mar-Vell, the DC Earth -2 Variant Cover and the reaction from the fan community and more with reactions from the guys to the news as they hear it. Then a Fan Boy Film Review where the quality of a film is not so much discussed, though that get covered too, but the loyalty of the film to the property. With the release of the latest Ghost Rider film the original gets the fan boy review treatment as well as a little talk on it’s Spirit of Vengeance sequel. Warning this is a little rough for Nicholas Cage Fans. Then the guys shift to the Simpson’s and discuss The Comic Book Guy character, Tribute or Insult. Finally the review section WeViews cleans up talking about some of the most important Mini – Series to have come out of late, including DC’s Penguin: Pain and Prejudice, Image’s latest from Scott Snyder Severed, Marvel’s look at everyone’s favorite mutant villain Magneto – Not a Hero plus a look at the insane new Ted McKeever Image book Mondo #1 So join Brett, Keith, Chris, and Mo for an absolutely packed show of geek goodness O-U-T



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