We Talk Comics – Twitter Topics & Trends vol.1

We Talk Comics this week isn’t about your hosts, it’s about you as everything we discuss thus week is feedback from our Twitter interactions with you. Yes we have our regular opening and ending sections The Weekly News with Cub Reporter K and WeViews but the majority of this is a series of topics inspired by you. Keith brought questions like: Mavel reboot + who would your X-Men be? Canadian indie comics scene Where’s the line concerning misogyny in comics? Can a writer have a female character suffer w/o sexism? Recommend a trade for 1st time readers Would you play a super-hero wrestling game? Chris had: Is Damian Wayne redeemable after the events of B&R 7 Will DC hold at 2.99 Favorite GI Joe story arc Predicions of new52/earth2 x-overs New 52 vs. Ultimate Mo’s questions: The popularity of Saga? Guesses about the Phoenix role in AvX? Epic long story arcs in honor of Hickman’s FF? Covers as after market product VS covers that used to be useful (Show what inside will be) What’s the outcome of AvX? How do you introduce comics 2 new readers Who’s the comic char you most identify with And Brett brought his much needed editing expertise with all these topics A bunch of fun & thanks to everyone for the questions and ideas, we look forward to interacting with you all more in the future O-U-T



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