900 Things week 14: Reward for 25% Completion

 IMG_0819What is more fascinating about clearing over 300 items out is that the rest looks better and more thoughtful. Thinking a new cull happens by next weekend. There is still work to be done.

It told wifey where I was at in the process and she glanced around the Booster Cave and said “where was it all? This room is still so full!”

The used bookstore got the lion’s share. Ebay and donations make up most of the rest, though gifts and plain old recycling are in the mix. I took a pile of books to the Canadian Legion where hopefully they will find good homes. We’ll see what the over-65 set thinks of the making of Spice World. Shaking things up.

Identified things: 545

Out the door: 327

I haven’t broken the core rule of No New Things In. There were a few question marks that I will own up to. I received two duplicate items for Christmas (gifts were allowed in my rules) which led to a rules check. I have a pile of trade credit at a bookstore and took one book, Hunter Thompson’s Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, from the credit. The book is a swap of a beat up pocket size so it technically falls under replacement (the old copy doesn’t go into the 900Things list).

And I got my 3 month celebration item. I knew all along what this would be and was glad that had one in stock when I went shopping today.

IMG_0816Checking in on my stuff piles:

  • Books (hard copy) – 10 (began at 11)
  • Graphic novels and trades (including rereading) – 92 (began at 121)
  • Movies (hard copy) – 26 (began at 33)

Easy to see where my time is going. I have been reading almost no regular books, digital or hard copy. My new commute is with my wifey so I read my tablet instead of a book or e-reader. Comics comics comics!

This week’s focus item is a plain old dvd. Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. I’m a completionist, which is how I got into this mess. And I look at my shelves and see so-so films that are there to keep a set rather than be loved. I’m working at it. I even have one of the Timothy Dalton James Bonds on blu-ray and if that isn’t love…

But Indiana Jones 4. It just sucks. I’ve tried so hard to find joy in that film. I didn’t used to like Temple of Doom but I’ve come to enjoy the goofiness of it. Not so for soaring monkeys and soaring Shai Lebeouf.

Wifey and I were chatting films and the possibility that there would be an Indy 5. She mentioned that she had no desire to rewatch Indy 4 and I realized I don’t either. I don’t have the geek rage that many do for the prequels or what have you (I would actually put Sith ahead of Jedi on the quality scale) so I have no anger about not being very thrilled with Indy 4.

When next I watch the Indiana Jones films, I’ll just remind myself that they made a 4th one, I didn’t really like it, and it isn’t worth owning.

Effing space aliens. Seriously? Ok, a bit of geek rage.


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