WTC 132: 8 Page Preview (part one)


The collector’s item first appearance of Horace Horaceman.

Keith and Chris are joined by Comicosity’s own Matt Santori-Griffith to look at DC’s 8 page short story teasers released (for free) in May.

But before they get going, there is a bit of comic talk and then a debate as Keith and Matt “help” Chris understand the ending of Convergence #8. Which would be easier if Keith and Matt totally agreed, which they don’t.

Capture3Then it’s into the 8 page stories! New status quos for Superman & Batman, and a lot of new books have the guys excited and intrigued.

It also turns out that 8 page stories take as long to review as full comics so the guys don’t make it quite through to the end. Tune in to WTC Show 133 – 8 Page Previews, similar Bat Time, same Bat Channel!

You can follow along at home by grabbing all of the 8 page stories for free on Comixology or as back-ups in the 2nd month of Convergence tie-ins.






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