WTC 135: Adventures In Pulp

Get ready for a great podcast Chris and Keith sit down with Brett Harris and Matthew Childers to talk about their web comic ‘Adventures In Pulp’ and an upcoming Kickstarter.ashes-website-graphic

Of course the conversation does veer away from their great web comic eventually and we discuss Matthew’s ‘Army of Darkness’ comic book work and what went wrong on the Fantastic Four movie  as well as other geeky topics.

We return to the perennial We Talk Comics Question- How many comics taking place in Canada have Canadians writing them? We also discover we can’t name a comic book character that hales from Tennessee (Seriously this has bugged us since the podcast recording, if you can help please leave a comment in the comments below).

This was a fun recording session and both Matthew and Brett have bright futures in the comic industry.

This was one of those podcasts the We Talk crew will be pointing to and saying “we knew them when” long after they stop taking our calls.

Pour two fingers of fine Tennessee whiskey and enjoy!

Read ‘Adventures in Pulp’ for free on

Support them with actual dollars on Comixology

And watch for their Kickstarter, coming soon!



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  2. […] to be invited along with my Adventures In Pulp writer Brett Harris to sit down with the boys at WeTalkComics podcast to basically just flap our jaws about all things comics and geekdom. And yes we did some […]

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