WTC 177: Isn’t It Bromantic

Love, exciting and new.

This week’s We Talk Comics was recorded on Valentine’s day so it made sense for Brett, Chris and Mo to talk some of the great relationships in comic book history.

A comic book love story for adults.

Love is in the air at the guys talk Lois and Clark, the many girlfriends of Spider-Man in Mary Jane, Black Cat and Gwen Stacy, and the wonderful depth and maturity a comic book can show when handled like the Wesley Dodds and Diane Belmont relationship in the underrated 90’s classic Sandman Mystery Theatre.

Is this the most real life love story comics ever told between Oliver Queen and Dinah Lance?

So from Frank Miller giving us the tragic Daredevil and Elektra to the equally heart wrenching turns Black Canary and Green Arrow had under Mike Grell to the evolution of Cyclops being with Jean Grey and then Emma Frost there’s a bunch of wonderful talk, deep discussions and great laughs on this thought provoking episode.

Consider it a Red Rose from all of us here at We Talk Comics to you, the listeners… Beware the thorns!

Hobgoblin isn’t a romantic guy.


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