WTC 182: Knock It Off

Warwolf, another original Liefeld design. Can’t believe Marvel copied it with Sabretooth.

There are thousands and thousands of comic book characters created over the years so obviously their will be some that are very similar to each other, but sometimes you can’t deny that there’s no originality in the design or origin of a character at all.

Will Eisner’s The Spirit and the knock off character The Mouthpiece is what got this topic going in our minds.

Brett, Chris and Mo are back with another WTC to discuss these knock off characters. Which ones are most blatant? Which ones are homages? Which ones are better than the original? It’s a great discussion.

Is Squadron Supreme a Justice League knock off or something else altogether?

OK, so now the big question. Does this topic just devolve into a big discussion about Rob Liefeld knock off characters? Well… yeah, sorta… Maybe… Okay it does completely… But that’s fun too, so give it a listen!


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