WTC Episode 78 – It all Comes Back To The Batman

James Robinson Leaves Earth 2It’s finally here the big 78th Episode of We Talk Comics with 2 of your regular hosts Keith and Mo as well as 2 special guests including Managing Editor of the fine Website and sponsor of the Weekly News With Cub Reporter K, Matt Santori-Griffith of COMICOSITY. As well we have the social media mastermind behind Iowa’s best comic book stores, David Meyers of Mayhem Comics. These fine guests help bring a fresh

A Dapper Looking James Robinson
A Dapper Looking James Robinson


take to the discussion of the big news items like James Robinson’s leaving DC and his fantastic book Earth 2, and help us with WeViews of Deep Sea, Bounce and The Green Team: Teen Trillionaires. And at the end we have our absent regular host Chris with one of his Comic Book Attractions segments this time on Lego Batman: The Movie. So join in on the fun, if you think you can handle it (you can)





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