WTC Interview Special: A Candid Conversation With Steve Englehart

Jim Shooter, Steve Englehart and the late, great, Archie Goodwin

Jim Shooter, Steve Englehart and the late, great, Archie Goodwin

If We Talk Comics promises a great interview we always deliver, & on the latest show we deliver in spades with Steve Englehart.

Steve Englehart's Coyote #3

Steve Englehart’s Coyote #3

Steve’s writing has influenced the comics world not only from his writing and characterization directly but in how Steve Englehart hasimpacted creators following in his path who’ve read his work. As well the Steve Englehart butterfly effect has spread to film, television, animation and video games.

Get an inside look at more than 4 decades of Steve interacting with the biggest names and characters in the industry like his view on the eternally youthful Stan Lee, his tumultuous relationship with Tom Defalco until they recently shared a weekend together at Edmonton Comic and Entertainment Expo (where Steve didn’t kill Tom), and tremendous insight into the complicated man that is Jim Shooter.

This isn’t like any other Steve Englehart interview you’ve ever heard, and we promise he’ll be back for more fun again in the near future.



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