WTC Presents: The 5th Comic Creator Super Summit Part 1

The wait is over… It’s here!

We Talk Comics is proud to present the 5th edition of the Comic Creator Super Summit Part One as presented by the amazing ComixCentral, your #1 source for all things in the independent comics world as both a creator or fan.

We have a fantastic group of creators gathered to share their views on part one, including…

  • Our good friend and someone who makes us proud to be part of this community, Steven Rosia.
  • The intensity and intelligence of The Shadows of the Aeons writer Paul H. Stapfer.
  • The Wit and Wisdom of the shining light that is Nick Johnson.
  • The brilliant mind and amazing laugh of the one and only Leigh Jeffery.
  • The unique perspective and wonderful ideas of the fantastic Travis Sengaus.
  • A lady whose talent is only matched by her beauty, the wonderful Chelsea Crutchley.
  • And a wildly unique and original individual, the terrific Aaron Nevrady.

In our opinion this is required listening for new comic creators or those looking to get in, we promise you’ll learn so much. Enjoy!



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