WTC Presents: BOTP 7 – Weird Food On The Patio

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So… Any of you out there a We Talk Comics fan, but you think to yourself “Man, it sure would be good if they just talked just a little less comics…”

It does seem unlikely, but if that somehow is the case well then this is the show for you!

With Chris in town he got together with Keith and Mo at Brett’s house and they headed to the patio but very little comics talk occurred as instead they brought out strange food and drinks that no one in their right mind would ever want to eat.

Seriously, most of this stuff is awful.

And they sampled it, and commented on it, and it was nearly 3 hours of disgustingly hilarious hijinks and fun.

It’s a one time shot folks but it’s an unbelieveable listen in a very different way, and something you could only get from the fools at the We Talk Podcasts network so check out the gallery below of what was eaten and listen along while laughing until your sides hurt thanks to WTC Presents: BOTP 7 – Weird Food On The Patio!


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