WTC Presents: CCEE 2017 Lettering Panel

Lettering by Finn on Crash and Burn!

Letterers in comic books never seem to get enough credit, but we here at We Talk Comics are going to take care of that thanks to our old friend and former WTC host the Geek Minimalist Keith Callbeck and his panel from the Calgary Comic & Entertainment Expo 2017.

Keith is joined by national treasure and one of the top letterers in the biz-i-ness Ryan Ferrier. Ryan has too many books authored or lettered to write about here but check out all his great stuff on the Ryan Ferrier Comixology page.

Ryan here is lettering his own comic, D4VE.

Next up is the mega talented do it all star of the award winning Crash and Burn, the infinitely charming Finn Lucullan.

And last but never least is one of WTC’s favorite people in the whole world, the publisher of Renegade Arts Entertainment and all around nice person Alexander Finbow to give lettering from a editor’s perspective.

You can follow the discussion about the lettering by looking at the pages on the post which were used at the panel, and of course we’ll be back soon with more great shows for you to listen to.


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